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Public hearing


 It hears civic opinion and request widely, and it is purpose of "public hearing" to let municipal administration reflect.
 Many opinions, requests are sent to ward office. Person in charge copes, and thing which can be settled immediately considers whether necessary thing can carry out budget after the next fiscal year. Of measure future as for the problem that it is necessary to spend time, and to consider refer to.

Suggestion (suggestion to municipal administration, the administration of a ward) from citizen

 Please send suggestion to Yokohama municipal administration and the administration of a ward and opinion.
 We send contribution that you sent to to department in charge of from Tsurumi Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division and reply from post in charge.

 ・ For more details, please see "suggestion from citizen" (to page of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau).

 In addition, please use as ward office, service counter in the city hall have envelope and letter paper for exclusive use of "suggestion from citizen". Or we prepare form for the first floor of the ward office inhabitant of a ward hall, each floor elevator side. You fill out, and put in the contribution post in each floor.

Suggestion box from citizen
The contribution post

 Furthermore, about item which we replied by "document" or "E-mail", we announce the point of suggestion, opinion and answer of Yokohama-shi for it and the correspondence situation on city homepage after having noted personal information enough.

 ・ For more details, please see publication (to page of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau) of "civic voice".

Inquiry email to Tsurumi Ward government office

  It is e-mail address for question to have question about the administration of a ward approach.
Question that had you approach to this place connects with post in charge and answers from post in charge.
(about contents except duties of ward office, please note that you cannot answer. In addition, in the case of dispatch, please refer to post in charge over telephones directly as you may have time for answer.)

 ・ E-mail address:

Suggestion to Yokohama municipal administration, ward administration and opinion from "citizen to suggestion"

Director General petition

We take request book with group and joint signature. We send answer to Director General name sentence by mail.


 Please send whether ward office Public Relations Section (the first floor of the ward office first window) has directly by mail. There is not determined format, but please be careful about the next points.

  • Address being specified with "Tsurumi Director General."
  • Contact information, Names of Representative of group name, the location being specified.
  • Content of opinion, request being specified.


Local request

 We accept request through Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and various groups. When answer is hoped for, we send answer sentence by Director General name by mail.

Inhabitant of a ward meeting

 State of inhabitant of a ward meetingIn the inhabitant of a ward meeting, voluntary inhabitant of a ward; promote livable town planning by being independent, and running, and talking about local various problems in inhabitant of a ward phase each other. For more information, look here.

 In past inhabitant of a ward meeting news "tsurumikumingu," please see this.