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Statistics of Tsurumi Ward

Distinction statistics portal site (for Tsurumi Ward)

 You can see the area of the Tsurumi Ward, population by estimate, registration population, main statistics information including national census result.

Index according to town and village

 You can see household and statistics with data according to town and village including men's and women's population others, national census, office, company statistics investigation, industrial statistics investigation, commerce statistics investigation.

As a result of main statistics investigation

 About result of main statistics investigation (designated statistics), we will tell about each summary.

Discovery copulates! Tsurumi Ward ... judging from ... data

 Based on statistics data, settled characteristic of Tsurumi Ward clearly; "discovery copulates! We made Tsurumi Ward ... judging from ... data.
 Special feature discovery of the 90th anniversary of version Tsurumi constituency system copulates in 2017! Tsurumi Ward ... judging from ... data      

 Back numbers


(back number) is together; white paper of ward

 Of "is together white paper of ward" which issued until 2011 can download PDF file from this.