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[☆ first holding ☆] We hold business "Tsurumi Ward running festival" of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system!

Running Festa logo 

In commemoration of the constituency system 90th anniversary, the next new event "Tsurumi Ward running festival" for the 100th anniversary starts.
From person who disguises itself in parent and child, and wants to run to person who wants to try ability in earnest, let's enjoy running together.
On the day character "phosphorus sputum" of Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinko Bus appears in opening ceremony and commendation ceremony.
(in addition, in the case of bad weather, please note that you take a rest as phosphorus sputum is easy to catch cold.)

[held summary]
* SUN    Time: December 23 (soil, celebration) 9:30 start
* Place    sho: Neighborhood of Komaoka, Tsurumi-ku disaster prevention base riverbed ※Executing the event on a light rainy day 
* Master    sai: Tsurumi Ward running Festa executive committee, business executive committee of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi constituency system
* kyo    sai: Tsurumi Ward government office, Yokohama marathon Organizing Committee
* Support, cooperation: Association of Tsurumi Ward self-government society, Tsurumi Ward sports promotion communication meeting,
         Association of Tsurumi Ward physical education, Tsurumi Ward young people instructor meeting,
         Tsurumi sports & culture club, KAZU Sports Club,
         Tsurumi sports center (association of Yokohama-shi physical education)
* kyo    Inscription: Coca Coe laboratory tola Japan, SPORTS AUTHORITY, Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinko Bus
* Article    Matter: Tsurumi Ward residence, attendance at school, working
* Guest on that day :
      Yuji Sakamoto (running producer)
         We play an active part as producer of "24 hours marathon trainer" "Shonan international marathon" and "Yokohama marathon"

    Yuji Sakamoto photograph Phosphorus sputum photograph 
  Yuji Sakamoto  Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinko Bus character "phosphorus sputum"

* Monkey    Include: We fill in required items to postal payment handling vote in offer essential point (we distribute at Tsurumi sports center, Tsurumi Ward government office) from Thursday, November 16 and pay at post office
※We accept application on first-come-first-served basis. As you finish acceptance of payment as soon as you reach capacity, apply early.
Offer was finished. (as of December 19)

 ★Person who cannot obtain offer essential point is this 

  Section The number of people Distance Participation qualification Participation fee Others
1 Parent and child Ranran ♪ Part (there is disguise) of running 100 sets of 200 1km Less than primary schoolchild and protector who disguise itself, and can run by itself One set of 1,500 yen There is particularly prize
2 General part 200 people Approximately 5km More than junior high student 2,500 yen Man and woman for each 1-3 rank commendation

* Reference about running Festa:
 ・Tsurumi Ward running Festa executive committee (Tsurumi sports center)
 ・Telephone: 045-584-5671
 ・FAX: 045-584-5673


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