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Under attractive spot introduction HP ... temporary exhibition of Tsurumi by ... Yokohama College of Commerce Yanagita seminar

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The constituency system 90th anniversary
Business event, publication calendar of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi constituency system  Tsurumi Ward reaches the constituency system enforcement 90th anniversary on October 1, 2017. We publish calendar of event to be carried out in commemoration of the constituency system 90th anniversary.
The highlight of Tsurumi kotorippu Yokohama Tsurumi  By cooperation of Shobunsha Publications, Incorporated, we introduce famous place or restaurant in ward.
Tsurumi highlight 90   We show around 90 places of highlight in ward.
Charm point of Tsurumi Ward   Attractive point in ward is checked.
Walk map in Tsurumi Ward  We can download walk map of former Tokaido and cherry tree map along the Tsurumi River.
Park, nature  We publish big parks in ward.
Former Tokaido  Tsurumi is located between Kawasaki hotel and Kanagawa hotel.
Urban greening yokohama fair of the whole country  We introduce cooperation business of Tsurumi Ward.
Everyday event guidance Yokohama calendar "Tsurumi Ward delivery service"   We publish various events such as use of everyday citizen facilities. 
Event of Tsurumi Tsurumi inhabitant of a ward school festival  Inhabitant of a ward participates and is place of appreciation that you can see casually.
Tsurumi Ward concert  It is concert carrying out in Tsurumi Ward government office the first floor inhabitant of a ward hall and Tsurumi inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center sage hall music hall.
Tsurumi inhabitant of a ward Festival (together / in Mitsuike Park (culture, environment) / Tsurumi River summer seaside)  It is "three major inhabitants of a ward Festival" of Tsurumi Ward.
Is together; child care, unit breeding forum     Group or inhabitant of a ward volunteers engaged in child care support and youth development in ward gather in a hall and perform event and lecture to be able to enjoy from adult to child.
Brazilian WEEK in copulates  We hold Brazil and Japan, various events for the purpose of mutual understanding of the two countries.
Is together; reading lecture We hold lecture by the cosponsorship with Tsurumi library to have more inhabitants of a ward interest in reading.
Tsurumi Ward running Festa From person who disguises itself in parent and child, and wants to run to person who wants to try ability in earnest, let's enjoy running together.

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