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Friendship interchange city


Tanagura-machi, Fukushima


 The history of Tanagura-machi in South Fukushima is old, and trace that has already run life more than 10,000 years ago becomes clear by stone implements discovered in remains. In the Edo era, it prospered as center of politics, economy, culture in this area, point of traffic as castle town of Tanakura feudal clan 100,000 stone.
 We are blessed with beautiful nature, and, as for the special product of town with the old history, there are Koshihikari from Tanakura, Tanakura strawberry, blueberry, konjac, seasonal vegetables.
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Nishiaizu-machi, Fukushima


 Nishiaizu-machi in Northwest Fukushima is said to be west doorway of Aizu and is town where the history that is old as village of "hallowed ground of Aizu" faith and beautiful naturally comfortable human touch are rich in.
 "Sightseeing to see with eyes" to contact with beautiful nature and nature which is scenic "sightseeing of contact" of encounter with the history aiming at spiritually rich human symbiosis focuses on wild plants, Teuchi soba, mountain stream fish, "sightseeing to eat" including local sake and wrestles for citizen-based town planning of sightseeing.
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Wajima-shi, Ishikawa

 Wajima-shi in northwest of Noto Peninsula is rich green and town of approximately 30,000 population among the seas. Motoyama "*jiji" of Soto sect was opened in the Middle Ages and we were called "Minato of parent" in century of goods-carrying merchant ship and prospered as strategic point of traffic on the seas, and lacquerware business (Wajima lacquering technique) became popular after the Edo middle.
 We send charm of town to the front for village (volost) design of three of "lacquered village" "village of Zen" "Heike town" now.
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