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The wakkun 30th anniversary kotorippu Yokohama Tsurumi English version The window congestion situation Window congestion prediction

Guide of living

Child care

A lot of maternity record book / newborn baby visit / classroom, consultation / infants medical examination / Vaccinations / child care support measure / nursery school

The welfare

People whom impaired one / elderly / life is troubling

Family register, resident certificate

Report, proof / resident certificate / Seal Registration of family register

Health, medical care

Payment, support of health check-up, inspection / health promotion classroom / medical care

Pension , insurance

National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) / National Health Insurance / The Long-term Care Insurance / medical system for elder senior citizens


Payment / tax proof of city prefectural tax / light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) / property tax / city tax

Town development

Road, the sewer, park (Tsurumi engineering works office) / city master plan

Environment, life hygiene

Environmental hygiene / food hygiene / animal, pet of garbage disposal/recycling / living

Approach of local action, mall

Is together; inhabitant of a ward activity center / mall promotion

Disaster prevention, anti-crime program

Evacuation sites / disaster preparedness plan / community safety information

Consultation, information disclosure

Consultation / information disclosure / public hearings in each legal advice / administrative counseling / traffic accident consultation / ward office section


Statistics investigation / election / car temporary number / designated manager / bid, contract information