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Suggestion, inquiry corner


  It is this about a variety of inquiries such as system of city and ward and various procedures, events, municipal administration information such as inquiry about facilities, living information, the latest event information.
   Yokohama-shi call center
    TEL: 045-664-2525
    FAX: 045-664-2828
    From 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (year round)
   *Please use collection of questions that Q&A is common in in addition.

  Even this accepts about inquiry about various procedures to handle at Totsuka Ward government office.
   ◆Totsuka Ward government office
    TEL: 045-866-8484
    FAX: 045-862-3054


Comments and Requests

  As a general rule, about suggestion, opinion that we had, we do answer (correspondence) within 14 days from the next day on acceptance day.

  Opinion, request to the administration of a ward and municipal administration is this.
   ◆Suggestion (please use contribution foam in the lower part of page.) from citizen

  In addition, even this accepts about road, roadside tree, river, the sewer in ward and imminent park.
   Tozuka engineering works office
    TEL: 045-881-1621
    FAX: 045-862-3501
   *Please use common question in addition.

   *Please refer to southern greenery office for management of Maioka, willow tit, Higashimata Hiroshi Nonaka, Matano Park.
    The location: 3-5-1, Kounandai, Kounan-ku (Hiroshi Park out of Konandai)
    TEL: 045-831-8484
    FAX: 045-831-9389