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Disaster prevention

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Disaster prevention information The preparation to disaster If we encounter damage



Disaster prevention information

When outbreak of storm and flood damage is expected, advice, instructions of refuge are carried out from administrations such as ward offices.


The preparation to disaster

■For emergency, let's get a grip by the preparation

■We will confirm evacuation sites
■Disaster prevention, inhabitant of a ward map, earthquake map, liquefaction map, inundation (inland waters, flood) hazard map, earth and sand disaster hazard map (the northern part), it is mappu smoothly
■Water at the time of disaster
   Banner link to Water Works Bureau emergency water supply base search system
■To make house resisting earthquake
Item concerned
High-density severe earthquake network
We tell about the earthquake occurrence situation of Yokohama-shi.
■About Totsuka Ward disaster volunteer center (ward volunteer headquarters)

If we encounter damage

For one where we make unhappy and were encountered damage, we give the following support.

■Certificate of damage / disaster
■About ex gratia payment, reduction of taxes


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