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Anti-crime program


About town development business subsidy program without 2018 crime ※It was finished.


 We work on neighborhood watch voluntarily and carry out grant of "criminal town development business that there is not" grant in group which is active for the purpose of improvement of anti-crime program power, anti-crime program awareness. 

 Activity that is targeted for 1 furtherance
 (1) Conduct (when we carry out more than four times a month) of anti-crime program patrol
  (2) Holding (when more than 20 participation per once is anticipated) such as anti-crime program classes
  (3) Making of local anti-crime program map
  (4) Administration of area anti-crime program base
  (5) Activity to contribute to town development without other crimes

  Group where is targeted for 2 furtherance
 Group (including district alliance Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations) which was organized voluntarily in area in Totsuka Ward 

 3 furtherance object periods
From April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 

 4 furtherance amounts of money
Upper limit 55,000 yen (we examine contents of application and decide grant or non-grant) per 1 group 

 The number of the subscription for 5 groups
50 groups degree

 6 application methods
 You fill in application with required items, and please submit terms or list to Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division after attachment by final day.

 7 application submission of documents final days
It must arrive by Friday, June 29, 2018

 Styles such as 8 summaries
  (1) PDF iconTown development business subsidization summary (Portable Document Format 173KB) without crime
  (2) Word iconStyle one set (WORD form 142KB) such as applications
     PDF iconStyle one set (Portable Document Format 237KB) such as applications
   (3) PDF iconInformation for town development business subsidization without 2018 crime (Portable Document Format 141KB) 


Registration of "area anti-crime program headquarters!" ※It was finished.

 In Totsuka Ward, 112 places of "area anti-crime program headquarterses" are established and are useful for restraint of improvement and crime occurrence of local anti-crime program awareness.
 Furthermore, we hope that we have you register Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations building or meeting place with "local anti-crime program headquarters" by all means as opportunity letting anti-crime program activity become active. 

▼What should I do?
  You fill in registration form with required items, and please submit to Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division.
    ▽Thing Totsuka Ward area anti-crime program headquarters PDF iconregistration form to submit 
                              ※We distribute at Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division window.
    ▽Deadline for presentation     
Friday, June 29, 2018
    ▽Presentation        Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division (the ninth floor of the ward office 95th window)

 ▼What happens when we register?
   Because "area anti-crime program headquarters" is established in imminent place, local anti-crime program awareness increases more.
   In addition,, "this area lays emphasis on anti-crime program!" for the neighborhood; is appealed, and effect of restraining is expected crime occurrence.

 ▼Is there not any support from ward office?
   We distribute drawing card plate indicating the place being base and blue rotary light.

 ※For more information: → PDF iconRegistration of "area anti-crime program headquarters!"


Recruitment of Totsuka Ward doggy ranger registrants!

 At the time of walk with usual pet dog, it is local volunteer activity to have you watch and participate in activity by having you touch armband of "anti-crime program" for lead toward mark and the owner of "doggy patrol" and walk. We offer activity articles such as armbands to person who can enroll bowwow in ranger.
 Please register dog lovers in ward.

Person who can register One with opportunity to live in Totsuka Ward, and to stroll in dog
Offer period At any time
Offer We offer anti-crime program armband and doggy patrol lead mark to person who had you register!
Application ・

Please send to registration form by mail, fax, E-mail after filling out required items.

The promotion communication meeting secretariat (the Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division) safe Totsuka Ward relief of waiting
〒244-0003 16-17, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku
TEL 866-8416
FAX 864-1933

The offer point
PDF iconRecruitment of Totsuka Ward doggy rangers point Portable Document Format (148KB)

Registration form
Word iconTotsuka Ward doggy ranger registration form (with entry example) Word form (53KB)

PDF iconTotsuka Ward doggy ranger registration form (with entry example) Portable Document Format (101KB)  

PDF iconTotsuka Ward doggy patrol Q&A Portable Document Format (136KB)

Adobe Reader is necessary for reading of PDF file. We can download one that you do not have from the next banner. Leader at Adobe


From Totsuka! About rental of anti-crime program theme song

 We produce anti-crime program theme song "tsunagarou Tozuka - good-bye wire fraud" to prevent damage of "wire fraud" by power of music and, in Totsuka Ward, rent CD.
 You have you carry away anti-crime program theme song by area or event of everybody, and deepen family tie and local connection, and please utilize for criminal town development that there is not.

 ※As for Totsuka Ward anti-crime program theme song "tsunagarou Tozuka - good-bye wire fraud," the public invites public participation for title in music that singer-songwriter kaho* (kaho) from Yokohama-shi produced. We were selected from 55 number of the applicants, 101 titles.

 ≪Rental of anti-crime program theme song CD method≫

 [reception desk place]

   Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division (the ninth floor of the Totsuka Ward synthesis Government building 94th window)
   16-17, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku
 [rental standard]
   Event, class, the training to affect anti-crime program enlightenment
 [rental method]
   Please fill in use contents at reception desk during address, full name, phone number, rental period.
 [limited change of title]
   Like "tsunagarou 〇〇~ good-bye wire fraud ...," it is the municipalities, the local name in underline part 
  You can use equal otsuketego. Example) "tsunagarou Yokohama" "tsunagarou Kanagawa"

   Please inquire whether you see the following as for the details.
   Rental standard (Portable Document Format, 76KB)
   Rental application (Portable Document Format, 52KB)
   ・The anti-crime program theme song lyrics (Portable Document Format, 612KB)
   To person in charge safe Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division relief of waiting
   TEL: 045-866-8416

It is during anti-crime program information mail delivery!

 We can receive crime, accident information and information about anti-crime program that occurred in thing, ward having e-mail address of PC and cell-phone register.
 Please make use for activity in anti-crime program in your home and area.

 Please use "Totsuka Ward crime, anti-crime program information email"!    


PDF iconAdobe Reader is necessary to see information to be on of mark.
We can download one that does not have Adobe Reader from the next banner.Leader at Adobe


[page making department in charge]
Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division TEL: 045-866-8416 FAX: 045-864-1933