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Press release

totsuka street live festival 2017

"totsukahashigo liquor live" holding!

 Carry out as part of citizen-based town planning business of totsuka music; "totsuka street live." We hold this summer and, by "totsuka street live festival 2017," hold "totsukahashigo liquor live" by cooperation of around Totsuka Station restaurant in addition to street live on station square deck secondary to last year.
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[the date and time]
On Tuesday, August 8, 2017, it is (Wed) from 17:00 to 21:00 for nine days

[meeting place]
Street live: In Totsuka Station West Exit pedesutoriandekki open space others (rain out)
Pub crawl live: Around Totsuka Station restaurant (as for the details, please see press release document.)

[entrance fee]
Street live: View for free
Pub crawl live: Ticket rate three pieces spelling advance ticket 2,200 yen / today's ticket 2,500 yen
(per one piece, one article of food and drink one article are provided.)
※Ticket is not necessary for live view.

[ticketing place]

It releases in participation store (excluded partly), Totsuka inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center cherry tree plaza on July 20 and starts
※We are going to sell even Totsuka station square special booth on the day

We are going to announce in nitotsuka street live official homepage on July 20
(there is not, and, in the homepage of ※ link, city does not take any responsibility under management of Yokohama-shi.) 

The totsuka street live governing board, Totsuka Ward

Totsuka Ward mall alliance society

Press release document press release document (Portable Document Format 839KB)
Handbill the handbill (Portable Document Format 1,387KB)

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We can download one that you do not have from the next banner.

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[inquiry] Person in charge of Regional Promotion Division local action TEL: 045-866-8416, FAX: 045-864-1933