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Press release document

2017 press release document

30.2.26 We hold festival 2018 "second totsuka song contest" in totsuka street live spring! Regional Promotion Division
29.12.21 Prize winner decision of Totsuka Ward inhabitant of a ward honor prize! It is presentation ... for ... Japanese junior high student of first Bundesliga legend and winning all beginning of a country ministers Prize W Regional Promotion Division
29.11.16 We hold the eighth totsukao end open space! Regional Promotion Division
29.10.31 totsukakodomo company private supplementary school business "OPEN Tozuka unashi Chinese restaurant & kids bakery for a limited time!"  Regional Promotion Division
29.10.30 Child care support block calendar calendar was done! Children and Families Support Division
29.9.26 We hold Totsuka Ward book-reading activities promotion monthly business "world - rakugo & classical music Theater ... of story to listen, and to enjoy"! Regional Promotion Division
29.9.5 About injury accident that occurred on the sidewalk in Totsuka Ward Tozuka engineering works office
29.8.25 Emergency measure and injury prevention leaflet of 0-3 years old child "is held up at once! We issue emergency reliable Book! Children and Families Support Division
29.8.24 We came to be able to confirm waiting time and the number of people in Check ups for Infants and Toddlers! Children and Families Support Division
29.8.8 Totsuka Ward concludes cooperation cooperation agreement with Yokohama College of Pharmacy Ward Administration Promotion Division
29.8.2 totsuka street live festival 2017 totsukahashigo liquor live performer, store menu decision! Regional Promotion Division
29.7.25 Yokohama Triennale 2017 support program Sotani morning picture "MIZUNOMICHI" workshop holding! Regional Promotion Division
29.7.19  About publication of revision original bill of "town development of Yokohama-shi city planning master plan Totsuka Ward plan Tozuka" and civic opinion offer Ward Administration Promotion Division
29.6.29 totsuka street live festival 2017 totsukahashigo liquor live holding! Regional Promotion Division
29.4.11 We increased signatures to be able to use Totsuka Ward synthesis Government building stairs more!  We installed "umbrella of good will"! General Affairs Division


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