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  4. [Sunday, December 4] We hold the seventh totsukao end open space!
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Press release

We hold "the seventh totsukao end open space"!

 Group, individuals working on volunteer activity, social movement, lifelong learning activity mainly on Totsuka Ward in various fields gather in a hall and are event to introduce activity contents to at panel display and picture, performance, work display, experience-based corner.
 For hobby, we provide opportunity to begin local action in one thinking "to want to try something!" in purpose of life, various fields which wants to interchange with activity groups.

The date and time: Sunday, December 4, 2016 from 10:00 to 16:00 (in the cherry tree plaza gallery Wednesday, November 30 13:00 ...)

Meeting place: Totsuka Ward synthesis Government building the third floor (inhabitant of a ward hall, art corridor, utility room, cherry tree plaza gallery)
               The fourth floor (cherry tree plaza rehearsal room, original room)   
    Totsuka Station West Exit station square deck

Admission: Free of charge

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