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Size change of letter

Moving, house

Moving, house

Moving House


When we move from the suburbs to Totsuka Ward

The following procedure is thought about according to others.

  • Person who did Seal Registration
    Seal Registration
    Seal Registration is newly necessary.
  • National Health Insurance
    Report of  participation
  • National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)
    Notice of the change of address (report to National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) window)
    We do change procedure of address.
    When person who received pension moved
  • When there is child
     Child Allowance
    Procedure is newly necessary.
     Medical Certificate for infant
    Grant of  prevention vaccination coupons
     welfare Medical Certificate
     special ticket
     Child Raising Allowance, Special Child Dependent's Allowance
     transfer procedure
  • When there are the elderly
     medical system for elder senior citizens
     The Long-term Care Insurance
    Identification of  respect for the old special ride
  • Person who keeps dog
    We change registration of
  • Person who has care health insurance card
    Return of report and health insurance card of the  death
  • Person who has specific medical expenses (designated incurable disease ) medical care certificate
     address change
  • Person who has various notebooks
    Return of  notebook
    Certificate of the physically disabled, nursing notebook (notebook of love), mental patient health welfare notebook, health handbook of an A-bomb victim

When we move in ward

  • Notice of the address change
  • Transfer procedure
    When school district changes
    ※When we move to other wards, there is no procedure in Totsuka Ward.

When we move from Totsuka Ward to the suburbs

Moving from foreign countries

Moving to foreign countries

  • Procedure information for person of overseas starting for the new post
  • Vaccinations
    There is Vaccinations engine of one traveled abroad.
Item concerned
Notice of the change of address to post office
Electricity, gas, water supply, telephone
Driver's license
※In addition, thing which needs address change
Financial institutions


Public lease house


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