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About totsuka photo collection



 There are various photographs which coverage, the staff including event shooting put in camera in Totsuka Ward government office.

 Is not photograph which professional photographed, but let sleep in warehouse; wasteful ...


 Therefore we decided to use to as "totsuka photo collection" to have you know charm of Totsuka Ward more.

 Anyone can use data publishing in "totsuka photo collection".

 For attractive up of Totsuka Ward, please make use of photograph that Totsuka Ward government office had enough taking.



Update history


We add a lot of photographs of Mount Fuji to "Mount Fuji"


We add photograph of damselfly to "animal"


We add photograph photographed late in ... in the middle of the Showa era to the "facility" where "it is the same level as town around Higashi-Totsuka Station" "Kashio River" where "it is the same level as town around Totsuka Station"
We add category of "Tozuka of ... latter period in the middle of the Showa era" to "pickup" of "we look for in category"


We add valley Yabe Pond Park and photograph of willow tit park to "park, green tract of land"
We add photograph of young of the red-eared turtle to "animal"
We add photograph of hydrangea of willow tit park to "plant, other nature"
We add photograph of virtue old man temple to "various history resources"
We add photograph of Higashi-Totsuka Station West Exit to "it is the same level as town around Higashi-Totsuka Station"
We add Shinanocho cyclic Route 2 and photograph of Myoho-ji Temple bus stop to "it is the same level as various towns"
We add photograph of hill of circle of Maioka Park rose to "Maioka Park"


     Anyone can use image data published in "totsuka photo collection", but there are some rules in the use.

     In the case of the use, please confirm Terms of Use by all means.

     In addition, we should consent to Terms of Use with downloading of data.

     You can confirm Terms of Use from "about the use" of top of the page.

Site constitution


"We look for in category": We can look for image according to category. When you look for image from items such as cherry tree, park, please use.

"We look for on map": We can look for image from map. Is there not anything at the outskirts where I live in? When you look for from nado place, please use.

"Collective downloading:" We can download zip file which gathered up image. As for the downloading on list from this.

About "the use:" You can confirm "Terms of Use" of our site. Please read before the use by all means.

"totsuka photo collection:" We come back to this page. When you come back to this page from other pages in totsuka photo collection, please use.



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