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It is hello ward office in 2018

(the 14th) Holding of "minikieromonita class"                           ... Suzuki vice-Director General ...

 It pushes forward reduction of food loss in Yokohama-shi, but it is cooking waste and leftovers such as peel to appear by all means. It dismantles such a cooking waste by power of bacteria, and it is minikiero (small kitchen garbage processing machine using planter) we compost, and to reuse. It recruits experience-based monitors of minikiero at Totsuka Ward government office and holds monitor class. 

 There was explanation of characteristic and how to use kiero, and, in class that we held, impression, "it seemed to be possible for "we want to do even house as it sounded easy" from various places of student attending a lecture while enjoying" was put the other day (June 20) by Nobuo Matsumoto of kiero developer. After class, minikiero is distributed to student attending a lectures and will have you experience at home promptly from the next day.

State of minikiero class Explanation that we actually use soil
State of class by Matsumoto who is the designer of kiero
We had you participate in many people
There was actually demonstration explanation that we used soil


 In addition, for the second of class of minikiero, we hold parent and child monitor class of minikiero for from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 (Totsuka Ward government office 8F) on Saturday, July 14. How about participating as free study of summer vacation of child and environmental learning. Not only parent and child, it applies to person who can participate with grandfather or grandmother and child including grandchild. Capacity is first-come-first-served basis in 30 people. Please refer for one with interest. (as for the details including reference, please see the following flyers)

Recruitment of small kitchen garbage processing device experience-based monitors
minikiero photograph
Real dimensions of minikiero


 TEL: 045-866-8411

 FAX: 045-864-1933


Totsuka Ward government office Regional Promotion Division Resources Reuse Promotion (Aota, Tanaka)




June 29, 2018 Totsuka Ward vice-Director General Sakae Suzuki


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