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It is hello ward office in 2018

(the tenth) Literal May sunshine 25th challenge Festival                      ... field sloppy Director General ...

Tozuka Elementary School

 On Sunday, May 20, wind became cool air and refreshing day well openly. Literal "May sunshine." We may try so comfortable weather for the first time this year.

 Annual challenge Festival reached the 25th. In Tozuka Elementary School of venue, we use gymnasium and school grounds to the full and are challenge to the 20th kind.

 Let alone "exercise such as long jump and jump, balance beam," there is "brain" trying memory and, besides, slippers transfer from Kendama and they do a great variety of challenges including loud voice soup stock and gather stamps. At corner of log limit, figure which pulled saw that there would not be that we usually used hard was impressive.

Long jump
Log limit
We challenge record by long jump! We challenge log limit hard!

 We got more than 450 participation, and thank you very much officers of challenge Festival of Tozuka pride held in the prosperity, young people instructor and child fair this year.





June 13, 2018 nichikotsukakukuchodenzatsuyoshiki*


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