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It is hello ward office in 2018

(the ninth) Legend does in Totsuka Ward!
Ski jumping representative from Japan Noriaki Kasai lecture holding [Tozuka constituency system pre-plan of the 80th anniversary]
            ... Sakae Suzuki vice-Director General ...

 We reach the Tozuka constituency system 80th anniversary in April, 2019. We invite Kasai of ski jumping representative from Japan and, as Tozuka constituency system pre-plan of the 80th anniversary, start lecture at 17:30 on Wednesday, August 8, 2018. We visit story from Kasai who lasts titled "... more than 20 years, and plays an active part as the world top in ale which is hot to Olympia of ... future to grant dream by effort". Surely we think that it may become hint to grant dream. Prior application (until July 6) is necessary for participation.
(※) As for the details of lecture, application method, please see the following.

 In addition, hometown of Kasai is Shimokawa-cho of Hokkaido. Not only we produce many Olympians, but also Shimokawa-cho is appointed in environmental city of the future like Yokohama-shi and is known as the advanced local government widely. We conclude Totsuka Ward and friendship interchange agreement about environment in 2011 and we utilize thinning materials of Shimokawacho and, commencing with participation in "totsuka Eco Festa" (we hold every year in November), push forward environmental approach in number plate of row of cherry blossom trees of the Kashio River while cooperating each other.

Kasai article
From public information yokohama June issue (Totsuka Ward version)


The date and time: Wednesday, August 8, 2018 from 17:30 to 19:00

Venue: Tozuka public hall the third floor hall

Object: Residence, working, attendance at school in ward: 500 (majority time lottery)

Application, mongo: By July 6 with E-mail, double postal card (fill in full name, age of all the participants, address, phone number of representative, "Noriaki Kasai lecture participation hope") to ward office Regional Promotion Division (TEL: 045-866-8413 FAX: 045-864-1933 E-mail: 〒 244-0003 16-17, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku)

※With one time of application to five people (overlap impossibility). We will tell about the right or wrong of participation in about the end of July.





June 11, 2018 Totsuka Ward vice-Director General Sakae Suzuki


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