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It is hello ward office in 2018

(the eighth) Do you know? Inhabitant of a ward hall on the third floor of the Totsuka Ward government office                      ... Sakae Suzuki vice-Director General ...

 We hold panel exhibition at any time to tell from Yokohama-shi and Totsuka Ward government office inhabitants of a ward in "inhabitant of a ward hall" on the third floor of the Totsuka Ward government office. In June, 2018, we hold attractive town development, panel exhibition of machinamio "Yokohama, person, town, design Prize" that commended to (Fri) for from Monday to 8th for four days. We introduce the entrances of town named "dancing Oka of dream" of Totsuka Ward Maioka (prize winner: Maioka second Neighborhood Associations others) there.
 In addition, it is "environment month" in June. Therefore we plan environment panel exhibition to tell about energy saving conference by group (totsuka Eco coordinator meeting) performing environment enlightenment activity in Totsuka Ward from (Mon) for one week to (Fri) on 22nd on 18th or approach of Yokohama-shi.

Hill which dances of dream totsuka Eco coordinator meeting
"Hill which dances of dream" Introduction of totsuka Eco coordinator meeting
To greatly look; (Portable Document Format 115KB)

 In addition, for from 12:00 to 13:00 on Saturday, June 16, there is inhabitant of a ward hall concert holding in inhabitant of a ward hall on the third floor of the Totsuka Ward government office on third Saturday every month. It is performance of princess (come) castle (margin) mireisanno "viorira (※)", musical instrument, vocal ensemble by again green wind harmony this month.
 We mention yakuritsu chino information and interesting information and think that it is at opportunity that pleasant performance listens, and can come. Please stop at near the Totsuka Ward government office on visit. We look forward to coming of everybody.

※viorira is stringed instrument which was born in Japan in 2001 and is unique musical instrument that tone such as guitar and Taisho lyre is played if we play the tone such as violin and cello with pick and finger if we rub with bow.

Princess Castle mireisan
Princess Castle mireisan flipping viorira

 As we explain one that had you be interested in "prize for Yokohama, person, town, design" and "inhabitant of a ward hall concert" in lower link in detail, please see.

"Prize for Yokohama, person, town, design:"

"Inhabitant of a ward hall concert:"

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June 1, 2018 Totsuka Ward vice-Director General Sakae Suzuki


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