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It is hello ward office in 2017

(the 32nd) Flap in the world! Angel - field sloppy Director General ... of peace

 By "wide Hamako international peace speech contest of "wide Hamako international peace program" that Yokohama-shi continues for long," Nozomi wins mayor Prize in article body sixth grader of Totsuka Ward, Saito summer, and side Hamako peace messenger is entrusted with and visits the United Nations Headquarters of New York in the middle of October. We served as celebration and encouragement and visited first in school.

 Title of speech "the first step to peace in imminent place." With peace for Saito, as for being able to spend every day safely in peace and it, mind zukikara to place to consist of warm feeling of many people begins. For voice to greetings to which it which we think about oneself being able to do and carry out to follow imminent harmony watches in paths of attending school in every morning and lower-grade student.

 We thought about the first step to peace in imminent place by oneself and it was reliable at all what we carried out and to be able to announce it in front of all magnificently and felt. , "have send importance of greetings that Kinji Tokiwa (forbid Tokiwa) of article body elementary school first generation PTA's chairperson which had attend this time (Higashitotsuka district Community Association Director) says to by heart plan of Higashitotsuka district in this way, and is glad"; had to talk.

 We seemed to be tense a little to become English speech with New York, but expect that he/she still more greatly flaps after this valuable experience.

Saito summer Nozomi

Saito summer Nozomi

"We seem to want to become the teacher of school in the future" and look forward to it, too It was a very happy time

"We seem to want to become the teacher of school in the future" and look forward to it, too 

It was a very happy time




October 13, 2017 Totsuka various Nagata sloppy Yukino


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