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(the 31st) Rolling stock, emergency provisions recipe - Natori Totsuka fire chief ... which health mate suggests

 The Totsuka Ward eating habits aim at lifestyle that harmony of nutrition, exercise, rest was able to take "our health is our kind" for password in the member of improvement promotion society (health mate) and are played an active part in health club for parent and child cooking class and elderly people, wide field including food education event in supermarket.

 On September 10, we invited health mates to the member of home disaster prevention training carried out in Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center for three days of 15th on 12th as lecturer and had rolling stock (※) utilization art and simple recipe introduce as emergency provisions at the time of disaster.

 Public utilities stopped at the time of disaster this time, and fire assumed the situation not to be usable and had you think about recipe that added stock product such as dry matter or canned foods to ingredients which we were used to eating in usual times.

State of cooking State of cooking
 State of cooking

Salad of dried radish strips

According to recipe,
"Salad of dried radish strips"
We have you actually make with student attending a lectures,
We tried.

・We can easily make and are delicious.

・We add other ingredients and seem to be able to arrange.

to was very popular.

Salad of dried radish strips


 We are going to distribute rolling stock recipes which menu which we tried was published in by inhabitant of a ward Festival.

※It is ・・ with rolling stock
  It is method that always stores food of fixed quantity in house by buying more things that we used newly while always buying ingredients and artefact slightly a little too much, and taking as ingredients in everyday meal menu, and using.

 <suggestion from health mate>
   Hint 1 
   Being conscious of "disaster staple food, main dish, vice-greens"
     Regular meal of nutrition balance revives mental and physical fatigue and lets forward feeling that it is said to do the best sprout.
   Hint 2
   "Security that we are used to eating at the time of disaster"
     As we feel stress and uneasiness more than expected at the time of disaster, security to be provided by eating is important at all. It is Raleigh for everyday meal
    We can easily apply if we utilize ngusutokku.

                  From everybody, this of health mate, we expect achievement.Natori Totsuka fire chief



October 10, 2017 Totsuka fire chief Tadashi Natori dawn


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