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It is hello ward office in 2017

(the 30th) We thank all of cooperation companies! ... Suzuki Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General ... which watched Totsuka Ward, and held net Network

 On August 30, we watched Totsuka Ward and, by participation of all of cooperation company and cooperant of net business, held liaison meeting in the first in 2017.

 "We watch, and we sent delivery to home thing that newspapers collect in the post, but net" is absence even if we visit how many times, cooperation company and local did not come to shop which was every day suddenly, and they are approaches that it is said to watch notification, report mine, old gently to community care plaza and ward office when it was noticed.

 We have various types of industry such as newspaper store, post office, convenience store, law of nature beauty, cleaning, tubing business, house-built work, delivery to home business register, and, as for the number of the cooperation companies, it is 379 now. In addition, we had 31 communication, reports in 2016 and led to safety confirmation and consultation support.

 Of association everyday practice activity and house to correspond to to watch-based from story that attended dementia supporter training courses in the communication system and office when noticed accident by correspondence of visitor from Shoichi Isogai of water supply inspection of a meter working Akiyama Corporation as experiences of cooperation company in liaison meeting, Aiko Takahashi of happy house saw, and called by approaches of defense.

 We had many of you speak what we devised by everyday activity and realized when we watched, and ring of activity opened steadily. We thank all of cooperation companies heartily.

 We see and want to open range of defense in future to have inhabitants of a ward know this approach more, and to be able to live in peace without anyone standing alone.

It was obi, but many cooperation companies or local welfare officers had you participate in all of cooperant by night
     Of "watch net sticker" cooperation company is mark
Was obi by night, but much cooperation companies
Local welfare officers had you participate in all of cooperant
    "We watch net sticker"
    It is mark of cooperation company

※Of "watch net", as for the list of business summary and cooperation companies, please see this page.



October 5, 2017 Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General Hiroko Suzuki


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