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Ward Administration Promotion Division (public information)

Public information radio program (FM Tozuka)


At Totsuka Ward government office, we tell about various information about Totsuka Ward in community FM "FM Tozuka".

 (there is not, and, in the page of "FM Tozuka" who is link, city does not take any responsibility about them under the management of Yokohama-shi)


totsuka ward office communication
The staff of Totsuka Ward government office including precaution in event and procedure when know, send useful information.
[broadcast time] Approximately ten minutes
 From principle, every month third Wednesday (3 Wednesday twice a month first in the case of broadcast) about 12:15
※You broadcasted and can hear "totsuka ward office communication" from FM Tozuka archive until now.


Totsuka Ward government office information
We tell about event information that ward office performs.

[broadcast time] Five minutes  ※We change contents in the first half and the latter half of month and broadcast
From from Monday to Friday 9:55, 12:55, 16:55, 19:55
From Saturday and Sunday 9:55, 12:55, 15:55, 18:55


Tozuka disaster prevention information
We tell about information such as fire prevention, disaster prevention.

[broadcast time] Five minutes
From from Monday to Friday 10:55, 13:55, 20:55
From Saturday and Sunday 10:55, 13:55, 19:55


Tozuka anti-crime program information
We tell about anti-crime program information.

[broadcast time] Five minutes
From from Monday to Friday 8:55, 14:55, 18:55
From Saturday and Sunday 8:55, 14:55, 17:55, 20:55


totsuka history walk (2012 broadcast)
FM Tozuka personality told about totsukano charm with staff of ward office visiting history spots in ward and can hear "totsuka history walk" from FM Tozuka archive.

※By appearance live on every month second Wednesday in "totsuka heartful kitchen" of program of noon from about 12:15 Director General
We tell about topic of Tozuka

★To listen to FM Tozuka
 1.We listen on FM radio
  We can listen on FM radio of home and car. Please hear frequency to 83.7MHz.
 2.We listen to radio with PC
  You access homepage ( of FM Tozuka, and please click the following banner of top page.

In addition, we can listen in iPhone, Android.

★Links for each terminal are as follows. For details, please refer to homepage of FM Tozuka.
  In addition, both rinks are few pages under the management of Yokohama-shi, about link city any; do not take responsibility. for iOS for Android *-for-FM Tozuka /9wzdncrdj21r?rtc=1 after Windows8 for for Amazon Kindle / Fire






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