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 Cherry tree  About application for profit such as Totsuka Ward authorization nursery schools

▽ Distribution time such as styles such as usage guidance, application to person who hoped for the use such as nursery schools in 2019 was decided.

(1) Usage guidance, applications are as follows at distribution time of style in 2019.
 ■ 2019 employment (plan) certificate
    From Monday, October 1, 2018

        ※It is employed one and style to have you fill out toward the self-employed people.

 ■ Styles such as 2019 usage guidance, application
From Friday, October 12, 2018

 ☆ We distribute at ward offices from distribution day and can download styles such as usage guidance and employment (plan) certificate, application from homepage.

(2) Basic date on using from April 1, 2019 ※(primary application) is as follows.

 ■ Basic date
     Sunday, September 30, 2018

 ※Basic date…It is point to judge the working situation of protector in use adjustment of nursery schools.

▽ Lists of visit days such as nursery school entrance targeted for 2019 nursery school entrance hope

List of visit days  ※Please do call of reservation of visit directly in nursery school.

・Lists (we can confirm phone number, address.) such as Totsuka Ward nursery schools

In the 2019 open planned Totsuka Ward nursery schools, it is briefing session schedule

 The October, 2018 entrance acceptance possibility number of people
※It just becomes number as of Saturday, September 1. We will hope that we have you become vacant and propose all nursery school you like even if the number of people is 0 in future as there is possibility that number fluctuates. We update the entrance acceptance possibility number of people in November on Monday, October 1 on the next time.

▽ The April, 2018 entrance first examination application number of people

▽ The April, 2018 entrance acceptance possibility number of people

■ 2018 usage guidance
 ▽Usage guidances (Yokohama-shi version common throughout all wards) such as Yokohama nursery schools

 ▽Lists (Totsuka Ward version) such as Totsuka Ward nursery schools

 ▽Bookmark (Totsuka Ward version) for April, 2018 application

 2018 Totsuka Ward new garden information
           Totsuka Ward new garden flyer

■ Application documents for 2018

 [working proof documents]

  Employment certificate (employer fills out) for 2018
           Employment certificate mention example

  Working report (we fill out in you for self-employed people) for 2018
           Working report mention example

 [thing that protector lists and submits]
  (1) 2018 supply authorization application (A)
  (2) 2018 use application (B)
  (3) Petition for 2018 2-3 authorization reason (C)
              Application complete set mention example
  (4) My number entry paper
※Please read this by all means.
   ※Identity verification documents is necessary, too. Copying of my number card both sides or
As for number confirmation documents (resident certificate which notice card or number was listed in)
and the identification documents with photograph of the face
    Please submit in total.

   ※After enclosing my number entry paper and identity verification documents in the other envelope, and having sealed, in conjunction with other applications more
     Enter different envelope, and please submit to the following address.


   ・In "Yokohama-shi nursery schools, please see (2, 3 authorization) usage guidance" about standard and use charges of adjusting the use of the use such as nursery schools.
     "(2, 3 authorization) usage guidance in Yokohama-shi nursery schools" downloading of style necessary for application
     To page of City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau "hapinesupotto"


    ■ About visits such as nursery schools
We would like the use such as nursery schools that person desired observed facility beforehand by all means and has you apply.
       On visit, please make a reservation over telephone beforehand in facility.

                         Totsuka Ward government office Children and Families Support Division childcare charge (Phone: 045-866-8467)

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