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Child care consultation

Mother's milk consultation

2018 mother's milk consultation
(child home support charge TEL: 045-866-8470)

   Please consult with weight gain of baby, the breast secretion situation, method of milk which is a graduate about trouble.

Application, method  Because it needs reservations in advance, please apply on the telephone.
 Children and Families Support Division child home support charge (TEL 045-866-8470)
Venue  The fifth floor of the Totsuka Ward government office mother and the child counselor's office
Belonging  Mother and child health handbook, 2-3 pieces of towels

 Schedule   Consultation time
 April, 2018  10th (Tue), 17th (Tue), 24th (Tue) From 13:30
(by appointment only)
 May, 2018  8th (Tue), 15th (Tue), 22nd (Tue)
 June, 2018  5th (Tue), 19th (Tue), 26th (Tue)
 July, 2018  10th (Tue), 17th (Tue), 24th (Tue)
 August, 2018  7th (Tue), 21st (Tue), 28th (Tue)
 September, 2018  4th (Tue), 11th (Tue), 25th (Tue)
 October, 2018  9th (Tue), 16th (Tue), 23rd (Tue)
 November, 2018  6th (Tue), 20th (Tue), 27th (Tue)
 December, 2018  4th (Tue), 11th (Tue), 25th (Tue)
 January, 2019  8th (Tue), 15th (Tue), 22nd (Tue)
 February, 2019  5th (Tue), 12th (Tue), 26th (Tue)
 March, 2019  5th (Tue), 12th (Tue), 26th (Tue)

■Link to Japanese obstetrical teacher society Kanagawa Branch ※External link
We can read consultation organization about mother's milk in "assistant maternity hospital map". Even business trip supports.
(about linked group and contents, there is not under the management of Yokohama-shi. Therefore, city does not take any responsibility about them. )

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