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 It recruits kitchen garbage processing device "mini kiero" experience-based monitors!

Image of characterIt recruits participants for holding on September 5!
Do you not reuse without throwing away appearing kitchen garbage from home?
We hold class of kitchen garbage processing device "mini kiero" that utilizes planter, and can easily practice "soil mixing method (dojokongoho)" in anyone at ward office.
To person who participated, please practice as experience-based monitor at home.

What is soil mixing method?

We mix kitchen garbage and soil and are method to break down garbage into by power of nature by bacteria.
Soil that the resolution advanced can conjugate for private vegetable garden and gardening as high quality manure.

What is mini kiero?

Photograph of mini kiero It is "kitchen garbage processing device" of mini-size that utilized planter which soil mixing method can easily practice in anyone.
 Wiring such as power supplies is not necessary at all even if they say "processing device" as it is not machine.

 HP of kiero Hayama (origin of development) is this
 ※There is not, and, in linked HP, city does not take any responsibility under the management of Yokohama-shi. 


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