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Resources, recycling image"Yokohama 3R dream" garbage and resources, recycling


Garbage Recycling

 In Totsuka Ward, we promote that we take in approach of three R of (recycling /Recycle) recycling thing which declines shopping bag by having my bag for shopping, and does not receive garbage and thing that it is let alone classification immediately as (use, etc. of flea market), resources which think about reuse before throwing away (reuse /Reuse) which reduce shi ttarinado, outbreak of garbage itself carefully for a long time (reducing /Reduce) in life. In each person's intention that promotes 3R such as approaches of reducing (outbreak restraint) easiest for further classification, recycling and environment in "Yokohama 3R dream (slim) plan" in Yokohama-shi, and go ahead through de-warming by reducing garbage and the gross weight of resources, and plans reduction of environment load, and aims at succeeding rich environment in history, let's promote "Yokohama 3R dream (slim) plan".



Totsuka Ward garbage and list of collection of resources days

   List of each the Totsuka Ward local collection days (City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau homepage)


 At accumulation place of town boundary, real collection day may be different from list of collection days. Please confirm indication seal of accumulation place of errand by all means.

Garbage taken out by family does 15 items of assortment according to ten minutes.

Illegal dumping

Illegally parked bicycle, car


Milk pack, old clothes

We collect resources in area

Do you not change discarded things?

  • Discarded things exchange bank
    It is introduction of bulletin board for information exchange of article which became unnecessary in family life in ward.