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totsuka heart plan (Totsuka Ward community-based welfare health planning)


With community-based welfare health planning

 Totsuka Ward community-based welfare health planning for "in peace is spiritually rich realization of community where can live in as for anyone,"
 It is plan to say to make their areas better by their power.

 "totsuka heart plan" is nickname of "Totsuka Ward community-based welfare health planning" chosen among many entries of inhabitants of a ward.
 We will prepare better area into mark by their power in totsuka heart plan mascot "kokoron".
 By "the third totsuka heart plan to begin in 28," please value viewpoint of power, the making of of local strength, inhabitants concerned,
 We devise plan and promote.

 ・The first totsuka heart plan (the Heisei 18-22 year)

 ・The second totsuka heart plan (the Heisei 23-27 year)

 ・The third totsuka heart plan (the Heisei 28-32 year)


totsuka heart plan subsidy

We want to do step-up of activity that wants to begin some activity…
 At first we look forward to such a consultation!

   About 2018 totsuka heart plan subsidy grant business  ※Acceptance was finished in 2018.

 [application documents reception desk period]
  From Thursday, March 1, 2018 to Friday, April 27, 2018
  From 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

 [past grant decision group]

  2016 (PDF file: 319KB)

  2017 (PDF file: 101KB)

  2017 (additional offer) (PDF file: 104KB)

  2018 (PDF file: 324KB)


kokoron communication

  The third totsuka heart plan (the Heisei 28-32 year) began in 2016.
 In hope of further development, continuation of local action, we issue "kokoron communication" and introduce various activities worked on in area.
  The first (July, 2016) (PDF file: 1096KB)

  The second issue (September, 2016) (PDF file: 1731KB)

  The third issue (November, 2016) (PDF file: 1958KB)

  The fourth issue (January, 2017) (PDF file: 1943KB)

  The fifth (March, 2017) (PDF file: 2328KB)

  The sixth (May, 2017) (PDF file: 1328KB)

  The seventh (July, 2017) (PDF file: 1764KB)

  The eighth (September, 2017) (PDF file: 1661KB)

    The ninth (November, 2017) (PDF file: 1024KB)

  The tenth (January, 2018) (PDF file: 1788KB)

  The eleventh (March, 2018) (PDF file: 1962KB)

Mascot character kokoron


 "kokoron of mascot had you name by open call for participants from inhabitants of a ward as well as the name of "totsuka heart plan", too".
 For the "kokoron" name,
   With wish that "heart" of all becomes warm
   Heart be entrusted local people with "koron"
   Because we want you to tie all heart and the hearts
 ・・・ nado, various thought are jam-packed.



 ・We made collection of Totsuka Ward district analysis documents

Opinion, inquiry about Totsuka Ward community-based welfare health planning

 Charge: Totsuka Ward Health and Welfare Division
 Telephone: 045-866-8424

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[opinion, reference] Health and Welfare Division business planning staff TEL: 045-866-8424, FAX: 045-865-3963, window (the sixth floor 61st)
[update day] December 6, 2015