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Subscription for 2018 totsuka heart plan subsidies guidance ※Acceptance of 2018 was finished.

We want to do step-up of activity that wants to begin some activity…
At first we look forward to such a consultation!

totsuka heart plan subsidy 2018 application essential point (PDF file: 1717KB)
Attached style (Word file: 58KB)

totsuka heart plan subsidy grant summary (PDF file: 499KB)

Application method

After prior consultation, please submit application documentation package to following presentation.
This application essential points are available from the sixth floor of the Totsuka Ward government office 61st window (Health and Welfare Division), friends Tozuka (Totsuka Ward Council of Social Welfare), community care plaza in Totsuka Ward.

[the prior consultation starting date]

 Thursday, February 1, 2018

[application documents reception desk period]

 From Thursday, March 1, 2018 to Friday, April 27, 2018

 From 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

[documents presentation]

 It is submitted to the sixth floor of the Totsuka Ward government office 61st window (Health and Welfare Division) by document

(mail, E-mail impossibility)

Summary of subsidy


[condition of target group]

 There being base of activity in ward, member five of group being higher than half being residence, working, attendance at school in ward in the above, voluntary groups aiming at being active

[target business outline]

 For promotion of totsuka heart plan, we meet the following content in business to cooperate with spread enlightenment
  ・Business to expand contents of business to work on newly or existing business
  ・It is business for to whole Totsuka Ward from alliance Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association, district Council of Social Welfare area
   But we can apply for business admitted that it is effective to be active in smaller area

[business not to be for]

 We receive financial support such as assistance, the furtherance from country, local public entity intending only for possible specific individual and group and those affiliated organizations (Council of Social Welfare) when we receive grant of subsidy which conduct place as master that main object is not inhabitant of a ward does not complete in ward by the end of the few year concerned

[supporting target main expense]

 Expendable supplies costs necessary for compensation to outside lecturer, the venue fee for use, business operation

[supporting amount of money]

 ・Less than four-fifths of expense that assumes 100,000 yen per 1 group limit, and is targeted for assistance
 ・To three times once in 1 group in 1 about 1 business in total

[examination method]

 After having accepted application documents, we carry out Totsuka Ward Health and Welfare Division and hearing.
 We hold study meeting in the ward office inside and make grant determination of subsidy afterwards.



Totsuka Ward Health and Welfare Division business planning staff

Telephone: 045-866-8424 

FAX: 045-865-3963



・Conduct of this assistance business makes it a condition that 30, Heisei fiscal budget is voted for in Yokohama City Council.

・As there are condition and limit when we issue subsidy, please read application essential point well.

・Please consult about one where application is examined beforehand.

※As there is charge on absent day, please contact beforehand by all means.

※Software (free distribution) of Adobe Reader is necessary to see PDF file.
One that you do not have comes in Dow road than right banner.adobe downloading


 Totsuka Ward Health and Welfare Division business planning staff

 TEL: 045-866-8424 FAX: 045-864-3963