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Health promotion Emergency care Disaster medical care Physical checkup The medical expenses furtherance Tuberculosis Asbestos health damage Being bombed Vaccinations Consultation, inspection, classroom about health Inhabitant of a ward blood donation | Health and Welfare Center business summary


Health promotion  

   ■We established page of health promotion. Please from this!

  • Information of jika heatThisWe do in this.
  • Information of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)ThisWe do in this.
  • Information of Ebola hemorrhagic feverThisWe do in this.
  • Information of dengue feverThisWe do in this.

Emergency care

At the time of sudden illness on the night and holiday, there are emergency clinics or Night-time Emergency Medical Center on holiday.

As for medical institution, drugstore information in others Kanagawa, this is convenient.

Disaster medical care

Physical checkup

Let's do physical checkup regularly to follow your health.

Physical checkup has next.

  • Cancer screening
    We promote early detection, early treatment of cancer.
  • Infants medical examination
    There is medical examination for child, 1 year, 6 months old child, 3 years old children for four months.
  • Health Checkups system is changed from April, 2008.
    ※For more details, please ask medical insurer where you join.
    ※Person who takes out 74-year-old Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance from 40 years old,National Health InsurancePlease see page of this.
    ※Social security recipients who do not take out one, medical insurance of medical system for elder senior citizens person insured resident in the city 40 years or older are free, and they are received with conduct medical institution of Yokohama-shi. For more details,Yokohama-shi Health CheckupsPlease see page of this.

The medical expenses furtherance

For time when we have got sick, we help medical expenses .

In the case of disease that is special in one younger than 18 years

  • Children specific disease medical expenses payment
    Malignant neoplasm, renal disease, asthma (hospitalization)
  • Upbringing medical care benefits
    Limb inconvenience, heart problem

Advantageous information

  • When medical expenses which it cost for one month is expensiveSupply of high medical costs
    When self-burden for a month is large, medical expenses may return.
    ※Please refer to insurer where you join for social insurance.
  • When we pay much medical expenses for disease and injury, tax may return.
    Medical expenses subtraction(homepage "knowledge - deductions from income of tax" reference of Yokohama-shi)

Infectious gastroenteritis, influenza

It is measures page of infectious gastroenteritis (norovirus), influenza.

→Please see this.


Tuberculosis is our country's greatest infectious disease. Let's prevent infection spread by early detection, early treatment.

  • About tuberculosis
  • Tuberculosis elementary school student nursing medical care benefits
    When elementary school student (under 18 years old) depending on tuberculosis, bony tuberculosis is admitted to designated medical institution, we pay copayment of medical expenses . (there is copayment according to income.)
    Children and Families Support Division child home support charge: Telephone 866-8467, fax 866-8473

Asbestos health damage

Being bombed

There is payment of various allowances system.


Let's be vaccinated for the infectious disease prevention.

Consultation, inspection, classroom about health

Inhabitant of a ward blood donation

Disaster medical care

  We explain the medical system at the time of earthquake disaster.

Health and Welfare Center business summary

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