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Tozuka engineering works office



■Is it place where engineering works office does what?

 Engineering works office performs maintenance of facility which is indispensable to road and river, life of everybody including the sewer. Main work of engineering works office includes the following thing.

Photograph of the Tozuka engineering works office appearance
The Tozuka engineering works office appearance

(1) New establishment, improvement of safe facility of road and road, thing about maintenance

(2) Road and bridge, river, private use such as the general sewers, thing about use

(3) Thing about boundary investigation of road, waterway and people place

(4) River and public sewage trachea kyono new establishment, improvement, thing about maintenance

(5) Thing about management of imminent park


■News from engineering works office

◆Follow rule; and for security!
  Kashio River promenade goes to work and not only attending school is used by many everybodies, but also is got close as promenade of row of cherry blossom trees. You do not litter with empty can and cigarette, and you follow rule, and please use.
  In addition, person that bicycle is used protects traffic division and warns walker, and please run safely.

◆Engineering works office news
  We offer timely topic to affect engineering works office.
  It is Clik! here

  We announce urgent joint check result of attending school road on February 22, 2013.

■Please consult with engineering works office at such time

There is hole in road. Guardrail is broken.

We want to do border investigation into road, waterway.

Electric bulb of road lighting facility (street light) cuts.

We want to participate in volunteers such as cleaning activities of road.

Road, the sewer in Totsuka Ward wants to know construction point.

Car is left. (illegally parked car)

Bicycle and motorcycle (125cc or less) are left. (illegally parked bicycle)


■Information for Tozuka engineering works office

  The location: 2974-1, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku
        (from JR Totsuka Station from a 15-minute walk, Tozuka bus center shinnachu bus
        Fujisawa, dreamland area "great Sakashita" drop off walk five minutes)

  TEL: 045-881-1621 FAX: 045-862-3501

Map of engineering works office
 Tozuka engineering works office TEL: 045-881-1621, FAX: 045-862-3501

[update day] December 19, 2013