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Let's go to see the spot of manufacturing.
We carry out "totsuka factory walk - Higashitotsuka edition -"!

 We settle in area and support city economy, and a lot of "manufacturing" (manufacturing industry) companies are located in Totsuka Ward.
 Do you not peep out in factory which memory of summer vacation cannot readily usually look at? Surely we should be able to discover charm of new Tozuka!

[the date and time] 

Thursday, August 2, 2018 from 13:00 to 16:00 ※Meeting 12:30


1 ideal industrial company
  We handle system from designs such as monitoring monitor or rack for railroad.
2 treasure confectionery
  It is cake maker mainly on biscuit and cookies.
3 Nisshin, Tokyo bellows
  We perform development and production of expansion joint (bellows) to tie the plumbing and duct to.
4 Orient meta RAITO KOGYO Co., Ltd.
  We are strong in rust and are good at the special painting including the electrodeposition painting to get wet with complicated parts without irregularity.
5 MITSUBA Corporation
  We research and develop motor equipped with to most of home and abroad cars.

※We part to 2 course and observe three of five companies or four companies.
  Please note that distributing performs course at the secretariat.

[meeting place] 

In front of Matsuri Tozuka Itsuki


Parent and child raw for elementary school 4-6 years of Totsuka Ward attendance at school
※We are accompanied by protector alone per one principle child
※Preschool child is impossible of companion


Around 20 sets of parent and child (40 people in total)
※In the case of a lot of application, it is lottery.
※On the day there is no receptionist. Apply beforehand by all means.
[entrance fee]

Free of charge

[application method]

Apply from exclusive application form.
Mobile phone

※We will tell about the right or wrong of participation in about the end of July.

[deadline for application]

 Friday, July 20, 2018


Shooting in facility and use of cell-phone are not possible at all. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. 

[distribution of flyer]

  Downloading of recruitment of participants flyer this (Portable Document Format 741KB)

  Software (free distribution) of Adobe Reader is necessary to look at.
 Downloading of leader at Adobe Please download one that you do not have from the following.



[inquiry] Regional Promotion Division TEL: 045-866-8413 FAX: 045-864-1933