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About small and medium size manufacturer introduction business

Purpose of this business

 We include "activation of basic policy 3 Yokohama economy" by plan for Yokohama-shi Middle four years, and "medium and small-sized business support in ward" is raised as one of the measures for accomplishment in Totsuka Ward administration of a ward administration policy in 2013.

 Having high manufacturing technology and original product, it is intended that we plan promotion of small and medium size manufacturing industry such as market reclamation or employment maintenance through introduction of small and medium size manufacturer in Totsuka Ward performing sincere and earnest operation.

Summary of small and medium size manufacturing industry in ward

 Including medium and small-sized business industrial area (Kamiyabe-cho) developed land for in ward in the 1960s,

 We settle in area and support city economy, and "manufacturing (manufacturing industry) company" is located much.

 ・Number of the manufacturing industry offices 132 (the fifth place in 18 wards)

 ・218,977 million yen (the sixth place in 18 wards) such as the amount of manufacture shipment

 ※The above includes big company by statistics of office where is higher than four employees.

 ※From statistics investigation (we carry out as of December 31, 2014) industrial in 2014

List of introduction companies

 We introduce company profile of small and medium size manufacturer located in Totsuka Ward, product summary and characteristic. (the order of the kana syllabary)

     In addition, Director General visited each company and heard story directly and told about supporting small and medium size manufacturer as ward. We introduce state of the case in addition.                                                       


    No.Company nameOne point introductionOf Director General
    Izumi tatami mat shop We feel safe that we entrust! We feel safe that we ask! "Izumi tatami mat shop"
    M toe M We send relief that is kind to person, safe food heartily
    NANSIN industrial arts If is store, advertisement signboard; to NANSIN industrial arts of founding 40 years trust and the results.
    Reform shop cloth play Dimensions adjustment and repair of clothes in response to request of customer


    No.Company nameOne point introductionOf Director General
    Alps carton We send no pollution recycling material "corrugated cardboard" that is kind to global environment.
    SDK SDK which practices quick delivery
    Kubo machine mechanic Mainly on yard facilities, it is company which repeated the results and experience solely for the making of machine.
    International ironsmith Development technical by body welding equipment design production in global
    Three honor industry Aluminum alloy casting product is provided by start-to-finish production until casting, manufacturing by shoe tree
    CTS Corporation CTS Corporation (CTS) suggests total solution to PC for industry.
    Life straight mill We are engaged from development stage and support customer and carry out until design, processing, assembling, wiring, control program making, adjustment consistently in office.
    TEIN Inc. Maker specialized in suspension to create driving pleasure
    Nagahashi wire rod We are good at wire rod processing of thing which is not done if it is not manual labor including extra-fine thing, short thing.
    Steady renewal resin We offer high-quality product trusted with customer in the field of epoxy polyurethane resin by society.
    Murata measure service From environmental research and analysis to system development, consulting service.
    Yokohama Kyoritsu steel business It is thinking with social responsibility of "Yokohama Kyoritsu steel business" to offer technology superior in quality for security, relief as reinforcing rod construction contracting business.
    Mountain mill We tried to do quick careful work for 60 years.


    No.Company nameOne point introductionOf Director General
    Asahina delicate work We meet needs of customer diversifying as engineer group of resining.
    Asahiyama ceramic art We produce container and encounter of person carefully between Sue, art, the sky
    Sato mill We understand customer well and act quickly, and notice always does stable product and true heart.
    SANKO engineering We push on for the results and challenge mind as pump manufacturer to treat mainly on tanker ship cargo pump.
    Three sect We add new function to packing material and make value of new appropriate packing.
    Spring water mark mill We send overall adhesion product with seal print mainly
    Senboku Valley As metal parts processing manufacturer, challenge various products; and 50 years.
    We will do insatiate technical challenge in future.
    Dainichi Seisakusho You want, and leave the making of good prosperity shop to Dainichi Seisakusho.
    Tau technical center High-quality high-precision processing by high-speed mashiningu and three-dimensional processing by CAD/CAM.
    Automatic spirit machine in Japan We contribute to development and labor saving of various industry as pioneer of packing machine.
    Wisteria techno We contributed to society through car-related parts including engine and transmission.
    Honda industry In pursuit of every possibility, we spread fluoric resin conveyer belt in the world.
    Yaoki mill Yaoki mills of exact sheet metal such as laser material processing, sauce bun processing, vendor, three-dimensional CAD processing.



    No.Company nameOne point introductionOf Director General
    ishitoku Cylinder which supports heliogravure with high technology
    Utsuki instrument It is further challenge in technique for for shipping, ocean
    Okura Sue garden Japanese art porcelain proud of to the world
    kagatsuu We pick up future society in idea and technique
    Gull propeller Take promotion of ship; is further development toward 100 years of "gull" founded in product
    Keisei electron We express creative "light" in technique
    The laboratory of corporation mechanic Total planner of the sheet metal industry creating smile of all
    Three treasures spirit machine industry We are reproduction experts of machine tool
    showa We aim at "small leading corporation" by punching technology
    Takezawa industry Manufacturing of creation and progress
    Sake bottle shop We send Japanese-style dessert such as anmitsu, tokoroten to the whole country
    Toho mill World top company of clasp tool for Malin hose
    Orient meta RAITO KOGYO Co., Ltd. Large structure supports at possible electrodeposition painting line, too
    Japanese trade print company We pursue new originality with industrial arts technique "Perrier" which matched high-precision image technology and superior sculpture technique
    Plains mill It is given a collective response by all steps of exact sheet metal processing
    Mt. town mill We give machine part in metal press working, welding, system and high quality control
    Yamane mill Technique and trust that the history of 100 years and sincere posture brought up
    Yokohama re-terra Package production to support trust of product


    [making department in charge]
    Person in charge of Regional Promotion Division local action
    TEL: 045-866-8413 FAX: 045-864-1933