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unashi appearance event information

It is planned event information that unashi comes up.  
Please refer to each reference for the details of each event.

 Date  Meeting place Event name Event contents Reference
 Sunday, September 24
From 8:00 to 17:00
 AEONSTYLE Higashitotsuka 3F kids Republic (535-1, Shinanocho)  AEONSTYLE Higashitotsuka kids Republic "will dance with unashi"   With kids Republic "one lap anniversary in store," we carry out unashi exercises.
 ♪It is 16:00 at 13:00 at 11:00 at unashi appearance time♪
 AEONSTYLE Higashitotsuka (charge: hen clam)

 ⇒ As for the past event information, please see this.

Message of unashi

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