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Dream project subsidy of totsuka inhabitant of a ward 

Recruitment of grant groups closed in 2018


What is dream project subsidy of totsuka inhabitant of a ward?

  It is system to support a part of operating cost for voluntary activity of various places of inhabitant of a ward leading to solution to local charm improvement and problem.

   Dream project subsidy grant summary (PDF file: 384KB) of totsuka inhabitant of a ward
   Dream project subsidy 2018 application essential point (PDF file: 628KB) of totsuka inhabitant of a ward
   Dream project subsidy 2018 recruitment of totsuka inhabitants of a ward flyer (PDF file: 1146KB)

  ※2018 grant business is this
  ※2017 grant business is this   
  2016 grant business is this


Supporting target group   

  Group targeted for subsidy is group meeting the next condition.
  ●Existence of group and representative being clear
  ●Do not be aimed for politics, religion, profit
  ●Five members of group being the above, and half or more being residence, working, attendance at school in ward
  ●Have base of activity in ward
  ●Being group aiming at carrying out a voluntary activity


Supporting target business

  Business targeted for subsidy contributes to community development full of charm and local problem solution, and, among business to carry out by March 31, 2019 from April 1, 2018, corresponds to the following field.
  ●Culture, business about art promotion
  ●Business about sports promotion
  ●Business about international exchange
  ●Business about environmental conservation
  ●In addition, among business with social publicity particularly business that Director General accepted

  But applicable thing is excluded next.
  ●Business that main object is not inhabitant of a ward
  ●Business that there is not conduct place as master in ward
  ●Business not to be completed by the end of the year concerned
  ●Business to be voluntary, and to be independent, and not to be carried out
  ●Business that is possible when we receive grant of subsidy
  ●Authorized individual and business that intends only for group
  ●Business only for the purpose of the friendship and interchange of member phase each other
  ●Business that receives financial support from country, local public entity and those affiliated organizations


Kind of subsidy and supporting contents

  In application, we can choose one among two next courses. In addition, application is until 1 business in 1 group.


Start-up course

Jump-up course


Group where does not have room after starting activity

(at the time of application group until the activity third year)

Group which wants to be enriched expansion of activity

The ceiling

150,000 yen

300,000 yen

Supporting rate

Less than four-fifths of supporting target expense

Less than a half of supporting target expense

Supporting number of times restrictions

In 1 group to twice

For equal business to three times


Supporting target expense

  In expenses to affect conduct of business, examples of supporting target expense are as follows.

(expense to affect exchange meeting, party only by group member does not become targeted for assistance.)

Item of expenditure

Supporting target expense

Expense that is not considered targeted for assistance


Compensation for thing except group member such as outside lecturer, leader, performer

Compensation to group member

Food costs

Lunch charges such as outside lecturer, leader, performer on the day of the business of thing except group member

Meal charges of group member and business participant, meal charges at meeting for business preparations

Use, rental

Use, rentals such as venue, machine parts necessary for business operation

Use, rentals such as venue, machine parts to use at ordinary meetings for group administration

Print costs

Print charges such as flyer, poster for public information

Ink toner charges, copy charges of document to use at ordinary meetings for group administration


Premium of event insurance or outside lecturer, leader, performer, staff (administration cooperator and group member) individual

Premium of business participant individual

Expendable supplies costs

Purchase costs of article necessary for conduct of business

Purchase costs such as materials that business participant becomes owned, purchase costs of article for the purpose of using after business continuously

Communication costs

Distribution cost such as flyer, poster for public information

Call charge, communication fee

Construction, transportation costs

Trust costs of the venue construction, machine parts transportation, parking fee when we used privately-owned cars, toll road charges

Gasoline cost such as privately-owned cars

Transportation expenses

Transportation expenses that outside lecturer, leader, performer, staff (administration cooperator and group member) needs on the day of the business, transportation expenses to need to make arrangements with lecturer at outside

Expense accompanied with use such as privately-owned cars which are not aimed for transportation expenses required for meeting in group, the construction, transportation


In addition, expense that Director General accepted in particular


Application method

  In subsidy application, you make the next presentation documents, and please bring to presentation within offer period.

Presentation documents

Subsidy grant application (first style)

Business plan (the second issue style)

Business budget book (the third issue style)

Group summary book (the fourth issue style)

Documents which are similar to terms of group, these articles of association or other

Group member list (fifth style)

This year group business plan (sixth style)

This year group business budget book (seventh style)

Offer period

From Thursday, February 1, 2018 to Wednesday, February 28

Reception hours: From 8:45 to 17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)


Totsuka Ward government office Regional Promotion Division (the ninth floor of the ward office 94th window) (Tel 045-866-8416)

  By mail cannot submit. Please bring in window.

  Please consult over telephones until charge before submission of documents by all means.


Briefing session (voluntarily)

We carry out briefing session about summary of subsidy system. Attendance is arbitrary.
※As for having briefing session participation or not, subsidy examination does not have influence.

The date and time: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 from 13:30 to 14:30
Venue: Meeting room 2 in the eighth floor of the Totsuka Ward government office
Application: On the day direct (prior application unnecessary)



  In grant decision, we add to examination of application documents which had you apply and hold "dream project subsidy study meeting of totsuka inhabitant of a ward" (the afternoon of March 15, 2018).
    Toward the representative of group, we have you give presentation by the study meeting concerned about application contents and have you perform questions and answers from study meeting committee (required attendance)

[examination point]
・There is, or do publicity, utility lead to the local making of charm and problem solution?
・Is it no wonder for feasible plan or plan? 
・Business widely open to inhabitant of a ward
・Do you make prospect for independence of future business?
・Is budget appropriate?



Application presentation (from February 1, 2018 to February 28)

Briefing session (February 14)

Study meeting holding (March 15)

Notice of subsidy grant decision (the beginning of April)

Bill presentation and subsidy grant (in the case of payment in advance)

Business operation

Report presentation (from the business end less than two months)

Bill presentation and subsidy grant (in the case of subsequent payment)
※As a general rule, grant of subsidy is subsequent payment, but when there is not business operation if we do not issue subsidy before business completion, we pay in front of and do if possible

・Exchange meeting & panel exhibition (March, 2019)
Exchange meeting: Exchange meeting for the purpose of widening width of each other's activities between subsidy grant groups, and raising charm
Panel exhibition: Activity report panel exhibition to have inhabitants of a ward know activity contents of subsidy grant group widely


Software (free distribution) of Adobe Reader is necessary to look at PDF file. Please download one that you do not have from the following. 


 Person in charge of Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division local action

 TEL: 045-866-8416 FAX: 045-864-1933