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Business trip totsuka street live 

  By "totsuka street live," we send music of street live to venue which had request.

  • About performer

    It recruits performers at any time and, targeting at people who had you appear on "totsuka street live" and apply, is decided.

   ■Business trip totsuka street live concert @ Harajuku contact flea market << Sunday, June 3 holding≫

  totsuka street live goes on a business trip to "I Love totsuka Harajuku contact flea market" reaching the eleventh.
   Two sets of THE LEAPS and Moon Light Dear come up this time!
  Please enjoy live with flea market and pleasant event under the blue sky! 

On 1 date

  10:00 has a lot on Sunday, June 3, 2018 ...; this!

2 venues

  Taisho fire department branch office back Yokohama medical center open space accessible to anyone
   (getting off at bus stop from 〒 245-0063 3-60-1, Harajuku, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi Totsuka Station or Ofuna Station in front of bus Yokohama medical center)
3 timetable 

Time Performer  Artist introduction
10:00 ... THE LEAPS  Two-piece rock'n roll band with guitar vocal & drum of Totsuka Ward native place.
 We let overseas tour make a big success and are active in order to spread Tozuka all over the world.
 10:30 ...    Moon Light Dear  Acoustic on the rocks unit which supports one step with song after your courage.
 From pop-rock that is bright in guitar sound and beet of cajon to ballad,
 We express as two vocals by chorus work.

※There is not, and linked homepage does not take any responsibility under the management of Yokohama-shi in city.



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