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The second totsuka song contest holding image photograph 

We held for the first time in last year and, in response to "totsuka song contest" favorable reception, hold the second!

Grand prix musical piece unfolds as "town totsuka theme song of music" widely!


State of last time contest from this (link to totsuka street live official homepage)
※There is not, and, in the linked homepage, city does not take any responsibility under the management of Yokohama-shi.


Result report NEW!

Result of music battle by 11 sets of artists this
(Portable Document Format, 737KB)

 Result report

Held summary

The date: Saturday, March 3, 2018 from 13:00 to 17:30 (the 12:30 opening)

Venue: The fourth floor of the Totsuka Ward synthesis Government building cherry tree plaza hall

Capacity: 450 (the first arrival on that day)

Judge: Including "we run" (Yokohama Bank fly) "kaho*," judge related to Tozuka is decision with the grand prix!
The second totsuka song contest judge photograph

The participants: kaorukuntoizumisan, black rose, Junichi Koyama, MONJI2C, KAZUYA, ryopichi micell feat. sea bass
THE GENGEMANDS, Manami Yagishita, 69Special, Nishiya sound machine, plastic Ueno band
The second totsuka song contest performer photograph

Guest live: Tozuka coherence type piano recital with a musical instrument singer-songwriter "kaho*"
        The first totsuka song contest Grand Prix receiving a prize "Kazuhiko Iyoki"
The second totsuka song contest guest live performer photograph

Cooperation plan:
 Music comfort school Vol.3 of all the musical instrument experiences
 Advice for beginners including electric guitar, drum, way of holding musical instruments such as saxes and how to put out sounds is received by cooperation of music classroom in ward.
 The date and time: Saturday, March 3 from 12:00 to 15:00
 Venue: Tozuka inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center cherry tree plaza rehearsal room, laboratory 4 (original room)
 Application: On the day direct

Flyer this (pdf form 2,706KB)

Sponsorship: The totsuka street live governing board
The cosponsorship: Totsuka Ward government office
Cooperation: FM Tozuka, Sogo Dept. Store (Shin-Toshi Hall), Seibu Seibu Higashitotsuka store, the fifth Tozuka music festival Rockin'TOTSUKA79(Rockin'YOKOHAMA155 executive committee), forum (gender equality center Yokohama)
Support: FM Yokohama, Kanagawa newspaper publisher, tvk (Television Kanagawa)


 Recruitment of performers (we closed application)

1 object  
  Group (possible solo in strike) with original musical piece that featured the theme of "Tozuka"

 (musical piece such as having sung musical piece, Tozuka imaging cherry tree and river which are characteristic of Tozuka, and Tozuka becoming the stage e.g., and the place name of Tozuka coming out) 
 ※Word called "totsuka" is not required.
 ※Professional, flax, genre, age, the number of people, sex do not matter. But companion of protector is necessary when we are comprised of chisel lower than junior high student.  

2 applications
  Attach necessary document to participation application; and to email, mail or the direct "totsuka street live governing board secretariat" 
  [the offer deadline: on Monday, December 4, 2017 must arrive] 
※We do not return application.
 ※Host (the totsuka street live governing board) uses musical piece of champion by local events.

     Offer flyer (Portable Document Format, 688KB)
   Participation application (Word form, 115KB)

[necessary document]
 One piece of photograph data (thing which principle, all the members appear in) of applicant
 ※As you publish in flyers, please offer photograph having high resolution.
 Performance sound source or one piece of picture data (original musical piece that featured the theme of Tozuka)
  (when we improve in CD, DVD or video site, even as for the URL, possible)

3 qualifier selection
  We select in the totsuka street live governing board, and result will inform in the end of December.
  Please play one where qualifier selection was passed in contest to hold on Saturday, March 3.
4 applications
  The totsuka street live governing board secretariat
  16-17, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi Totsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division
  (telephone) 045-866-8416 (FAX) 045-864-1933

 [making department in charge]
Person in charge of Regional Promotion Division local action TEL: 045-866-8416, FAX: 045-864-1933