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Though "it is my life" is released movie photographed in Totsuka Ward

     Culture to get close to music including holding for fixed period of street live that cooperated with activity and mall of inhabitant of a ward orchestra formed first in Totsuka Ward in the city
           But, it penetrates widely.
     From this, as Film Commission support work by Yokohama-shi Culture and Tourism Bureau, Tozuka was chosen in movie location in "being my life".
     At the time of shooting, we were granted great cooperation with local all of you, and thank you very much.

Though movie photographed in Totsuka Ward "is my life"; fryer

[publicly]        Special first-run showing national than Saturday, July 14

[city exhibition theater]  TOHO Yokohama Buruk 13

[story]    The original that seichiei, the east comes and says.

                        Mizuho (U.K. intellect) who was expected the future of as star player of rhythmic gymnastics "spinal cord infarction"
                         It becomes the lower part of the body paralysis in this and is forced to wheelchair life.
                         We were tormented by despair and loneliness and appeared before her who moped after an interval of several years
                         Childhood friend of street musician invites her saying "let's sing together".
                         While we have guitar in our hand while being puzzled and mention music, her life begins to change again.
                         Youth story to be spelled in music.

[appearance]               Intellect British Inaba friend, Motoki Ochiai, Ninagawa miho, Yuria Eda, Atsushi Fukasawa, Takamitsu Nonaka,
                         Takao Iida, Toshie Negishi, Hiroshi Takahashi, Mariko Akama, others

Though Tozuka constituency system pre-movie of the 80th anniversary "was my life," we held Totsuka Ward special preview

     Much application, visit, thank you.

totsuka location MAP

     Totsuka Ward synthesis Government building, Tozuka inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center cherry tree plaza, Tozuka public hall, totsuka inhabitant of a ward activity center, each district center in Totsuka Ward
     ・It is during great admiration distribution in each community care plaza, Kurata community house.
     Visiting locations of movie, let's rediscover charm of Tozuka.

Though movie "is my life"; totsuka location MAP list

Though movie "is my life"; among totsuka location MAP