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Town planning business "town totsuka of music" of totsuka music


 In Totsuka Ward, we push forward "town planning business of totsuka music" as part of attractive town development filled with vigor. In this business, we provide place of performance to various places doing music activity mainly on Totsuka Ward and we provide opportunity to get close to music and push forward the making of charm of "town totsuka of music" to inhabitants of a ward.

 Totsuka Ward has "Tozuka inhabitant of a ward orchestra" which is the city's first inhabitant of a ward orchestra, and "Tozuka gospel concerts" by approximately 100 public open call for participants participants by member of the executive committee of inhabitant of a ward are held.
 Furthermore, municipal Tozuka High School brass band club (2014 20th East Kanto wind music contest silver medal receiving a prize) and municipal Hirato Junior High School brass band club (2013 thirteenth East Japan school wind music meet gold medal receiving a prize) in ward was prefecture eminent skilled player school, and "music course" was installed in municipal institution Tozuka High School in April, 2014.
 In addition, there are the results that "Tozuka-free stage executive committee" which neighboring Store Association plays a key role in Totsuka Station East Exit that we lead, and pedesutoriandekki was maintained, and was organized has already performed plan, administration of event and use adjustment of pedesutoriandekki.

Though "it is my life" is released movie photographed in Totsuka Ward

Inhabitant of a ward hall concert

totsuka street live

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