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Book-reading activities promotion business of Totsuka Ward

 Ward office, library, school cooperated so that inhabitants of a ward could enjoy more book-reading activities in Totsuka Ward at imminent place and devised "Totsuka Ward book-reading activities promotion aim" to plan promotion of activity.

 We learn words and polish sensitivity and raise power of expression, creativity or book-reading activities makes a rich one,

 It is important in acquiring power to live in the life more deeply.

 (we quote than regulations Article 2 about promotion of book-reading activities of Yokohama citizen)

Usage guidance of Tozuka library, event information this (Tozuka library homepage)


 29.10.4 It is book-reading activities promotion month in November!  PDFList of reading monthly events of Totsuka Ward is (PDF:635KB)New!! in 2017
 29.9.26 We hold Totsuka Ward book-reading activities promotion monthly business "world - rakugo & classical music Theater ... of story to listen, and to enjoy"!
 28.11.1  We hold reading promotion monthly event "high school student book-reading activities presentation"!  [the end]
 28.10.26   It is book-reading activities promotion month in November!  PDF  List of reading monthly events of Totsuka Ward this (PDF: 669KB) [the end]
 27.11.20  We issued "totsuka reading map 2015 - Totsuka Ward book-reading activities base map ..." (PDF: 1319KB)
 ※Use day, use time may be changed. Please confirm use conditions in each facility.
 27.11. 5   Course recruits student attending a lectures of "the world of child and picture book to enjoy"! [the deadline]
 27.10.26  Book-reading activities promotion monthly approach "will know book-reading activities of Tozuka!" But, it began! [the end]
 27. 9. 1  <November 7 holding> It recruits Butler (publisher of book) of vibrio battle for book-reading activities promotion month! [the deadline] 

Totsuka Ward book-reading activities promotion target

 We devised "Yokohama citizen book-reading activity promotion plan" in March, 2014 to fix environment to support citizen's book-reading activities from child to adult widely based on "the regulations about promotion of book-reading activities of Yokohama citizen" established in June, 2013 in Yokohama-shi, and to promote book-reading activities.
 For all generations, activity of ward has next goal of getting three points and wrestles to be able to enjoy more book-reading activities in Totsuka Ward at place where inhabitants of a ward are immediate.

 Improvement of book-reading activities promotion target 1 reporting 
   We contribute information about book which library or use of inhabitant of a ward facility possess and information about book-reading activities group, information such as events about reading to inhabitants of a ward widely.

  [approach contents]

We utilize "civic book-reading activities promotion month" of November and tell about information of facility about activity group and book-reading activities and participate in book-reading activities happily and hold events that can get close to book.

We perform story-telling by library or infants medical examination, introduction of book positively since childhood to be able to get close to book. In addition, we offer information to be able to get close to book in home.

We make "book-reading activities base map" about facility which can get close to book at imminent place including district center and community house.

We utilize homepage and public information and send information such as book service that is available to inhabitants of a ward or course about book-reading activities positively.

About reuse library (we work on reuse of book which we have finished reading at home) going in facilities such as Tozuka libraries, we plan common knowledge more.

Library provides information for improvement of document of school library and environmental maintenance by school visits positively.

 We take book-reading activities promotion target 2 and are promoted handcrafting

   We push forward excavation of leading figure about book-reading activities and plan volunteer expansion, skill up.

  [approach contents]

We hold guide course or skill up course for various places where we provide opportunity to experience various book-reading activities, and it has been already leading figure so that people of wide layer participate in activities such as story-telling casually.

Leading figures of book-reading activities establish information exchange and place interchanging mutually and promote the making of network between activity groups.

We keep expert information, human resources of library alive, and reporting, consultation about place of information and activity of book advise continuously for activity groups.

 Cooperation promotion of book-reading activities promotion target 3 headquarters
   Base facility of book-reading activities including library plans cooperation mutually and plans more improvement of book-reading activities.

  [approach contents]

We establish place of exchange of opinions to plan information sharing and cooperation reinforcement such as facility and school about book-reading activities, activity group.

Library and school make a little over one level of cooperation and plan improvement of book-reading activities of children.



     ※ It is this about "Yokohama citizen book-reading activity promotion plan"


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