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Your "totsuka" daiboshu

Please tell your "special Tozuka information"!


"totsuka" recruitment of you

 Totsuka Ward which was born from a part of Kamakura county in 1939 (Showa 14) reaches 80-year-old birthday in 2019.
 You commute to everybody, Tozuka who moved, everybody, knowing Tozuka of Old (ancient times), and please tell attending school, "special Tozuka information" for you including "place of memory" "episode".
 Magazine or public information yokohama Totsuka Ward version of the 80th anniversary of the constituency system after the next fiscal year introduce information that we had at any time.

Theme of offer

 Place, episode (possible in Izumi Ward, Sakae Ward area in front of ward) of memory in ward

Offer period

 It must arrive by Sunday, September 30, 2018

Person who is targeted for application

 Place, episode (possible in Izumi Ward, Sakae Ward area in front of ward) of memory in ward

 Residence, working, attendance at school (even as for working, the attendance at school resident in past, possible) in Totsuka Ward

Application method, inquiry

◎Your "totsuka" daiboshuboshuyokou is this

 Take "photograph of place of memory" (in the case of action still or data (E-mail, synthetic impossibility, shooting day, shooting place, comment fill out less than 5MB), processing), "episode" (format does not matter in particular) to mail or E-mail (you fill in address, full name, phone number) or the following contribution form or direct ward office Public Relations Section (the ninth floor of the Totsuka Ward government office 93rd window).

※After having taken copying, we return action still photograph.
※Copyrights of application photograph shall belong to sponsor with application.
※We get approval of the person whether individual cannot identify when person comes out

[mail] 〒 244-0003 16-17, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi Totsuka Ward government office Public Relations Section

[telephone] 045-866-8321


[contribution form]

◎"Photograph of place of memory" is raising "episodes" on Twitter! "# anatanototsuka"

・"Photograph of place of memory"

・Simple episode
 You attach hashtag of "# anatanototsuka", and please tweet this.

※Copyrights of application photograph shall belong to sponsor with application (they attach hashtag of "# anatanototsuka" and tweet).

[page making department in charge]
Totsuka Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division TEL: 045-866-8322 FAX: 045-862-3054