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January 18, 2019
... which thinks about "disaster prevention" of with symposium held ... obstacle that is hello ward office (the 47th) in 2018
January 17, 2019
[Saturday, January 19] We hold "totsuka street live" (Tozuka station square deck)!
January 15, 2019
We hold "concert to feel pleasant Africa!"
January 11, 2019
We performed occupation experience of student of south Tozuka Junior High School who was hello ward office (the 46th) in 2018!
January 10, 2019
[1/12 - 14 holding] Totsuka native breath breath art festival 24th stage announcement, twelfth exhibition
January 10, 2019
Event firefighting musical band X Half Moon "8060 (hello) Bousai (bosai) live" of the 80th anniversary of Tozuka constituency system holding!
January 09, 2019
totsukano child care support room raises trust of administration business "pitter-patter".
January 07, 2019
PR video of the 80th anniversary of Tozuka constituency system was completed!
January 05, 2019
We added "oishiimonototsuka brand" authorization product
January 01, 2019
January issue for public information yokohama Totsuka Ward

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About new designation of No Smoking district  8060 totsuka bousai live banners

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  • The small, junior high student
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  • Elderly person
  • Impaired person
  • Delivery
  • Marriage/divorce
  • The death
  • Moving, house
  • Work

Information according to field

  • Offer, event
    A lot of of Totsuka Ward connection
    Offer course
    Event information
  • The totsuka child care information dispatch station
    We relate to child care
    Various information
  • Health, medical care
    Emergency care, physical checkup
    The medical expenses furtherance, Vaccinations
    Consultation about health,
    Inspection, classroom
  • Resident registration, family register, Seal Registration
    Resident registration, family register
    Seal Registration
  • Tax
    Payment method
    Certificate of tax
    Kinds of tax
  • Insurance, pension
    National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)
    National Health Insurance
    The Long-term Care Insurance
  • The welfare
    Elderly person
    Impaired person
    Social security
  • Garbage disposal/recycling
    Garbage disposal/recycling
  • Life hygiene
    Pet, food,
    Hygiene of house
  • Road, park
    Road, the sewer
    River, park
    (engineering works office)
  • Town development
    Development around Totsuka Station
    The making of rule of town
    Unused public interest sites
  • Election
    Structure, polling place
  • Activity of inhabitant of a ward
    Hobby, learning
    Social movement, volunteer
    Local action
  • Consultation, information disclosure
    Various consultation
    Information disclosure
  • Application downloading
    Yokohama-shi electron
    Application service
  • Others
    Application of the temporary number