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We settled directionality of land utilization of existing Yokohama-shi Government building block and Education & Culture Center ruins
It is announcement ... as a result of ... sounding type market research

 Yokohama-shi wrestles for new charm and making of activated nucleus of around Kannai Station district that took advantage of new city hall maintenance (June, 2020 in-service plan to start).
 In this way, we connect with vitality improvement of the whole Kannai, Kangai-District which supported development of Yokohama economy since the opening of a port and downtown area seaside part.
 We will tell as we collected basic thought of land utilization based on sounding type market research.
 We will gather up as business operation policy in future in 2016 while asking about opinions such as examination or hometown, citizen, well-informed person in agency.

★Press release document is this

Existing Yokohama-shi Government building block 

Directionality of 1 land utilization

 (1) Basic way of thinking of land utilization
* We perform study (advanced technology, culture art, healthy medical care, international, sightseeing) with strength outside the country
 By locations such as university, graduate school, deceive accumulation and personnel training of associated industry, research organization, internationally
 We aim at the formation of university-industry research collaboration base that is mark.
    In this way, we establish creation and city brand of new value appropriate for place of opening of a port and promote globalization of Motoichi and economic activation.

<main function (example)> ・Center function to propel university, allied industry, industry-university co-operation globalization
              ・New culture, incubation function for industrial creation
              ・Research and development of educational program by citizen cooperation

○ Movement (introduction of Yamashita-Futo development and new traffic) and built-up area ・ of downtown area seaside part reproduction
 It is eye by the base formation of sightseeing, pulling in customers in connection with Yokohama Culture Gymnasium redevelopment, Yokohama Stadium
 We point.
  In this way, it depends on bustle and the base formation of sightseeing excursion to make new vitality of the downtown area
 We strengthen
node of Kannai, Kangai-District.

 Directionality of utilization of existing Yokohama-shi Government building blocks

<main function (example)> ・Traffic node, accommodation, guidance, commerce, sports entertainment

(2) Business technique
・On the basis of citizen cooperation, we examine structure, system design of business such as role allotment or public land utilization.
Existing city hall administration ridge examines use plan on the basis of utilization as facility in succession to the history of Kannai.
・We examine Education & Culture Center ruins on the basis of land sale with dismantling article.

(3) Schedule
・2016: Business operation orientation, 2017, 2018: Company open call for participants procedure, 2020 -: Business start
(we may carry out town development, Education & Culture Center ruins utilization of private block by future examination separately.)

※ About opinion, request to approach of Yokohama-shi that is necessary to realize basic thought of land utilization, it is community utility
 And we discuss validity in town development well and show conclusion in 2016.

Summary of 2 sounding type market research result

(1) The participation situation

Number of the participation groups 25 group

■Type of industry breakdown development, ten real estate companies, general construction industry five,
      University, technical school 6 corporation, education, two companies about culture, others two

(2) Summary of findings

From development, real estate company, there was many suggestion that plan (business sorts) wanted to do existing city hall block, private enterprise block, Education & Culture Center ruins integrally as valuable station square great scale business place of metropolitan area.

・Although it was severe, about land utilization, as for the duties needs in Kannai, there were medical care, commerce, education, business suggestion of the residence that kept hotel for sightseeing in connection with Yamashita-Futo development, location of the station square alive.

・About placement of facility, profit facilities such as existing city hall block, hotel, the residence, commerce tend to do the use of the public public interest such as education, use of citizen with private enterprise block and Education & Culture Center ruins and are doing when private enterprise block wants to push forward base reorganization and use of open lands to be used for improving the traffic system of altitude by revitalization technique integrally.

・About education culture relations such as universities, there were location hope many from environment of Kannai and traffic convenience. There was suggestion that cooperation with industry could anticipate in study with strength outside the country such as IT, culture, medical care. There was suggestion in hope of citizen cooperation in the field of education including education and truancy elementary school student measures of scientific field softly, too.

・As for existing Government building ridge, there was plan to inflect in viewpoint of minimization of cost and the early use again as symbolic facility of Kannai-District except suggestion of large-scale commercial facilities a lot.
・In Education & Culture Center ruins, as for the land purchase with hope and dismantling article of the precedent use, there was suggestion to enable.

・There was suggestion to want to wrestle for town development and the area management for land utilization and laying upon, attractive creation of neighboring districts.

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