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Procedure of country law report

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What are land prices?
What kind of person is "real estate appraiser?"
We want to know the price of own land

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Rule of land prices
With public land prices
Judgment evaluation and law
About real estate investment market
Postwar urban development and land prices
Latest land prices information



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[MLIT] Land synthesis information system
[Kanagawa] Kanagawa land prices report
[valuation of property system research center] if check land prices, land prices based on accessibility of land prices map ← whole country of the whole country on map; this

■Summary of system
 When we do land transactions more than standard area to establish in law, acquisitor must submit registration form to the head of the metropolis and districts or designated city for (we include on the contract date hereof) for less than two weeks from day of contract.
 <2, Article 20 of country use plan law Article 23 Clause 1 / country use plan law enforcement regulations Article 19>

■Condition that needs report                     ⇒FAQs <Q&A> 
 ○Standard area (case in Yokohama-shi)
  More than 2,000 square meters of areas designated for urbanization more than 5,000 square meters of designated urbanization areas
  ※Even if individual areas are small if it is land (on earth the same main constituent acquires land which is available for the use with a series of business plans) of group when we acquire adjacent plural land, report is necessary when the total of area to use becomes than standard area.
 ○Kind of right
  Proprietary rights
  Right of lease (thing with payment of key money or other lump sums)
 ○Method of right move
  (1)Being accompanied by giving and receiving of "value" (we include economic value that can exchanging to money.) .
  (2)Depending on "contract."

  Buying and selling
  Reservation place disposal (land readjustment)
  Business transfer
  Payment in substitution
  Transfer of joint ownership share
  Transfer of the reservation conclusion right
  Transfer of right of repurchase
  Transfer of the trust receive benefits right
  Position transfer
  ※In the case of reservation, stop (cancellation) conditional contract of these business, report is necessary.

■When report is unnecessary
 ○We do country, local public entity and the harbor service station, incorporated administrative agency Urban Renaissance Agency, incorporated administrative agency aquatic resources mechanism, incorporated administrative agency medium and small-sized business base maintenance mechanism, incorporated administrative agency Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency, local housing corporation, Japanese worker housing association, around incorporated administrative agency Airport maintenance mechanism, district road public corporation and land development public corporation with counterparty
 ○Setting of mortgage, transfer of servitude, loan of use right or setting
  ※Mortgage direct current special contracts (contract that mortgagee acquires proprietary rights for the repayment period) need report.
 ○Including donation, the inheritance division (thing without giving and receiving of value)
 ○The use (thing which does not depend on contract) of formative right
  The inheritance, inclusion succession by corporation merger, disposal of replotting such as land readjustment, the use of right of repurchase
  ※Reservation place disposal of case and land readjustment to transfer right of repurchase to third party needs report.
 ○We get permission of court by procedure based on bankruptcy law, Corporate Reorganization Act, Civil Rehabilitation Law and are performed
  ※When contents of permission of court do not state individual land clearly, report is necessary.

■Presentation documents
 ○Registration form (two of them of the original, copy) such as land buying and selling      ⇒Downloading (Excel format: 48KB) of registration form
  All two of them seal in private seal same as contract            ⇒Registration form entry example
  ※Because formats are different, please use Motoichi predetermined registration form every local government.
 ○Attached documents (for each one)
  Copy of contract
  Detail drawing (house maps of around a one-1500th reduced scale)
  Copying of public sectional map
  Figure of land utility plan (plan, ground plan of figure of division percent plan and apartment house in case of sale in lots door-based e.g.:)
  Copying (when we make sales contract at actual survey area, we attach) of measured drawing
 ※In drawings, please exhibit range of report land with markers.
 ※When substitution reports, please refer to this. ⇒FAQs <Q&A>

■Report window
 ○Presentation, reference
  Around 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama City Hall the sixth floor (immediate getting off at JR Kannai Station south exit) ⇒ city hall map
  Urban Development Bureau Planning Division country law charge                         ⇒The sixth-floor floor plan
  TEL(045) 671-3953 FAX(045) 664-4539
 ○The reception desk date and time
  Saturday and Sunday, holiday and the year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3) are excluded,
  From 8:45 to 17:00 (as for from 12:00 to 13:00 the lunch break)
 ○Presentation method
  Please bring directly in window. (we do not accept mail.)