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Structure of the cityscape formation of Yokohama-shi

 We pushed forward approach of the attractive cityscape formation that valued port and history culture, water, green for improvement of quality of city, and Yokohama-shi enforced "Yokohama-shi scenery vision" and "regulations about creation of Yokohama-shi attractive cityscape" (urban environment law) with scenery enactment in 2004 in 2006.
 Structure of the Yokohama-shaped new cityscape formation by these urban environment laws based on idea of scenery vision such as scenery plans based on the scenery method it is system (cityscape discussion district) which can add discussion that is creative based on urban environment law to to be basic, and to plan the higher quality scenery formation in district that established quantitative rule.

 ■ Yokohama-shi scenery vision
   We show directionality made with all city-like sceneries and become guideline of approach in each future area.
    (to page of → Yokohama-shi scenery vision) (to page of city planning room)

 ■ The regulations (urban environment law) about creation of Yokohama-shi attractive cityscape
    It is the regulation that we established for the purpose of planning realization of high quality city attracting person whom local individuality and rich ideas such as citizens harmonized with by creation of attractive cityscape.
    (to page of → urban environment law)

 ■ Cityscape discussion district (urban environment law)
    Based on the regulations about creation of Yokohama-shi attractive cityscape, it determined policy to create area and attractive cityscape, guideline (act guideline) of design about act. When we put in district, based on these policies and act guidelines, company and Yokohama-shi perform creative discussion and aim at creation of high quality cityscape.
    (to designated list of → cityscape discussion district)

 ■ The scenery method (June 18, 2004 law 110th)
   It determines duties such as basic principles and country, the local government to plan the formation of good scenery in city, Noyama fishing village, and the local government can establish scenery plan or scenery agreement originally.
    (to homepage of the → Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism scenery method) 

 ■ Yokohama-shi scenery plan (the scenery method)
   Based on the scenery method, we establish standards (scenery formation standard) for area and policy for the formation of good scenery, construction of building depending on the local scenery formation. When we perform construction of building in the area, report to Yokohama-shi is necessary.
    (to designated list of → scenery plans)

 ■ We settle common question about scenery system here.

 ■ As for the public awareness findings about scenery of Yokohama, please see this in 2016.

 ■ [PDF] width=Scenery system (brochure) of Yokohama-shi (Portable Document Format, 468KB)

 □ Process of structure examination of the cityscape formation of Yokohama-shi

Urban Development Bureau >>  Scenery adjustment section >> Structure of the cityscape formation

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