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City planning / URBAN DESIGN

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In city planning room, to form city space full of individuality and charm, of each local city planning to be natural, and to make use of historic characteristic, and to push forward walker space, open space, security or the making of cityscape of open space plan and adjust.

※The scenery method, duties based on the regulations (urban environment law) about creation of attractive cityscape and duties about outdoor advertising matter,
 It shifted to scenery adjustment section from April, 2013. (
To page of scenery adjustment section

City of Yokohama, Urban Development Bureau is enforcing experimental project about delivery, sale of administrative issue. Including city planning room, you can use some data downloading of publication, on-line binding shipment order from one for Urban Development Bureau.
 Urban Development Bureau issue delivery special page in DLmarket ※It shifts to outside site


TOPICS latest information

 new[job offer] It recruits specialists of city planning one! <Thursday, November 22, 2018 (postmark effective)>
[press release] We authorized "Idogayakamimachi first Neighborhood Associations building" (old well Tsuchigaya geisha agency) as landmark architecture! (10/12)
Opinion offer of "Yokohama-shi scenery vision" (revision draft) was finished.
Return favor product of hometown tax was replaced with a new one! (guidance of "historic scenery maintenance utilization business")
We push forward preparations for "opening of a port 5 cityscape town development meeting 2019 Yokohama meeting".
  City planning
Aim of city planning
Yokohama city planning vision
City planning of the downtown area
Nihon Odori Avenue opening cafe (to page of Nihon Odori Avenue activation Committee)
Scenery maintenance and the making of charm (to page of downtown area reproduction section) of Yamate-District
Design adjustment of urban development business of nucleus
Yokohama-shi new city hall design concept book
City planning of penumbra, suburbs part
Water and green town development
Promotion of public art
Yokohama city space direction business (light up Yokohama)
Town development that we made use of the history in
Other city planning adjustment
Prize for Yokohama, person, town, design (Yokohama town development honoring business) (to page of scenery adjustment section)
Downtown area seaside part, inner harbor maintenance design



The council

Yokohama: - to make Yokohama that future approach (proposal) - citizen as pioneer of city planning is proud of
Council for Yokohama-shi beautiful cityscape measures
Historic scenery maintenance committee


Urban Development Bureau >>  City planning room

Urban Development Bureau Planning city planning room

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