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machibushin Yokohama citizen town building business

machibushin Yokohama citizen town building business
  Make our town with us; surely come to like town

■Table of contents of 2017 page

Offer of maintenance suggestion
Press release
List of maintenance suggestion
Primary contest
Summary of primary contest
State of primary contest
List of suggestion targeted for the second contest
Activity for the second contest
The second contest
Summary of the second contest
State of the second contest
List of suggestion targeted for the maintenance furtherance
Maintenance conduct

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■List of 2017 application suggestion (contest announcement order) 

Announcement orderThe maintenance suggestion nameSuggestion group nameThe ward name
1 Maintenance of community base place to stay cafe warm place & third place Tsurumi
2 "It is YOU (hot water) space local interchange footbath cafe Team care marin Seya
3 Taiyo Park Rose salon Ekoda Taiyo Park protection society Green leaves
4 The making of interchange base between 60 clubs projecting human resources of town Sumiregaoka freedom society Tsuzuki
5 All gather! Contact open space is place of learning Contact lily of the valley mall alliance society Kanazawa
6 We tie town of the welfare through meal Meeting of friend pushing forward food education The west
7 Community driving salon maintenance pinkoro salon establishment preparatory committee Spring
8 Heianmachi disaster, welfare area interchange center Heianmachi disaster, welfare area interchange center Committee on Construction Tsurumi
9 Nakata noengawa "Miyanomae terrace" multi-generation interchange space Shrine nomaesutoro Spring
10 It is town development of reduce disaster damage with digital signage Meeting which thinks about the future of Noge Medium
11 Maintenance of Utsukushigaoka district promenade around "100 steps of stairs" Utsukushigaoka assessing Committee promenade working group Green leaves
12 We make astronomical observatory which becomes base of civic interchange while learning space Row of trees astronomical observatory dream project Kanazawa
  ※Suggestion of announcement order "1" is not targeted for examination for primary contest exemption suggestion in 2017. We perform progress report of activity.  

■ Offer of 2017 maintenance suggestion 

Offer brochure (for duplex printing) is this in 2017

Summary (as for guide, various ways) of guide of 2017 maintenance suggestion application

● Maintenance suggestion application reception desk period

  From Monday, April 3, 2017 to Friday, June 2

● Person who can do maintenance suggestion

  It is group meeting all the next requirements.
 ○ Including inhabitants in Yokohama-shi corresponding to any of the following more than three people.
  1 maintenance place or one to live near
  2 maintenance places or one that runs business near
  3 maintenance places or one that owns land and building near
 ○ There is will that oneself predominates and maintains.  
 ○ It being explained beforehand by ground incarnation that we apply for contents of maintenance suggestion and this business.
   ※Person (including company and administration) who borrows or has use right substantially who owns land, building with ground incarnation
   ※As a general rule, with "the neighborhood," we are doing with to town where we are going to maintain, and place is located and town which was next to the town.

● Target maintenance suggestion

  It is maintenance to meet all the next requirements.
 ○ It is range that inhabitants predominate and can carry out.
 ○ There is publicity.
 ○ It be thought that the result contributes to area town development by approach that we made use of new idea, technique that inhabitants have, local resources in.

 ※ Maintenance suggestion to be excluded
 ○ Maintenance for the purpose of profit, religion, politics or election activity
 ○ Maintenance that only authorized individual achieves profit
 ○ Maintenance against public order and morals
 ○ Maintenance that we receive financial support from country, local public entity or those affiliated organizations or are going to receive

 ※ Act that we cannot perform in facility which we maintained
 ○ Act for the purpose of religion, politics or election activity

● Maintenance period

  As a general rule, we start after April, 2018 and are completed by the end of March, 2019

● Selection method

  Suggestion group member cooperates and performs making of suggestion document, announcement in contest.
   Yokohama-shi area town development promotion Committee Yokohama citizen to be composed of people of learning and experience, town development practitioner, eight people including open call for participants citizen in total waits, and building business sectional meeting performs selection.
   In addition, we raise transparency of selection process, the public nature and select suggestion targeted for the maintenance furtherance by the first, exhibition contest of the second twice to secure equitableness.

● Support to suggestion group which passed primary contest

 ○ As support on fund side, we issue activity grant to limit for 300,000 yen.
       Object of activity grant is office supplies costs such as compensation or paper to cooperator with technical aspect including town development coordinator, print costs mainly mainly.
 ○ Because there is not cooperator with technical aspect, we introduce town development coordinators to suggestion group in hope of introduction of experts.
 ○ Please hold "suggestion study meeting" which related organizations including section of city concerned participate, and performs talks in suggestion group to raise possibility of suggestion for the second contest, but city appeals to related organizations for participation and supports the holding.

● Support to suggestion group which passed the second contest

  ○ We issue maintenance grant to limit for 500,000-5,000,000 yen.
  ○ Target expense assumes design costs, construction cost and construction control costs, activity expense.

    ※ For more details, please see guide of maintenance suggestion application in 2017.
       Guide of 2017 maintenance suggestion application is this

●[reference] Procedure of prior registration
  ○Consultation accepts prior registration in whole year.
    Prior registration is system to make the degree of ripeness of suggestion contents primary contest suggestion offer period ago. In addition, there is not under conditions of application.
 ○Reception desk of prior registration
  Suggestion registered in advance receives dispatch such as Yokohama-shi town development coordinators and can receive advice with summaries of idea, form, technical aspect of application.   
  Please inquire for consultation, prior registration by telephone, E-mail as follows.
  In the case of inquiry, you do title about "prior registration" by E-mail, and please fill in full name, phone number of contact information.
  Please bring on prior registration application directly in the following window.

 Press release

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