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Water Works Bureau General Affairs Division
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Water of Yokohama chasing shi well


Modern water supply foundation 130 years logo mark


... and "we see and learn and perform bodily sensation!" that water supply of first Japanese modern Channel Yokohama walks with citizen's all of you from the foundation and invites 130 years to Modern water supply foundation 130 years commemorative project ...


Commemorative fountain tower

Fountain tower (the existing Sakuragicho-sta.) which was established in commemoration of the modern water supply foundation
(we photograph in early period of Taisho from last part of Meiji)

 Water supply of Yokohama is modern water supply of Briton engineer Henry Spenser Palmer first Japanese by instruction ※ We started water supply on toshite October 17, 1887 (Meiji 20). Thereafter we supported development of Yokohama under the cooperation of citizen's while performing riverhead development and extension works of water supply facility for eight times to water demand to increase rapidly with population growth and industrial development through earthquake disaster and war damage.

 Because it is year of turning point of 130 years, in 2017, we carry out various commemorative projects from the foundation of water supply of Yokohama.

※We filter water which we took in from rivers and supply with water by existence pressure using iron pipes, and modern water supply is water supply which we can use anytime.


Henry Spenser Palmer (1838-1893) via British officer,
After having completed Yokohama Channel, we were engaged in water supply designs of Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe.
Other than construction construction of Yokohama Port and work of astronomy, surveying, it is correspondent of the London Times
We play an active part in field where nado is wide.



hama pyon

 Water Works Bureau character
      hama pyon


Purpose of 1 commemorative project

■Water supply which supported development of Yokohama for 130 years continues up to the present day through difficulty such as earthquake disaster or war damage by cooperation of various places of the person concerned including citizen's all of you.
 Therefore we tell thanks to all of you who had you support Yokohama Channel.


■Triggered by history of water supply, we have you deepen interest in channel which is property of citizen's all of you and do with opportunity to have you think about importance of water supply some other time.


■We wrestle to maintain channel where water appears from faucet routinely in future to be able to understand that approaches such as daily maintenances or update, earthquake resistance of premeditated facility are necessary.


To commemorative project catch phrase "Yokohama water supply 130 years all of you relief future" 


Summary of 2 commemorative projects

 We have "we see and learn and go, and concept learn bodily sensation!" from citizen's about water supply while enjoying and carry out business to tell water supply facility or water source in plan and the history that perform, and can sense water supply bodily for 130 years in history.


Main business

(detailed "modern water supply foundation 130 years commemorative project"pdf 280KB)


Walking event

    We walk water supply way
  Walking event
    (January, 2017)

[we see and learn] We have you look at history and water supply facility, construction spot of water supply business for 130 years and learn

・Special visits society such as water purification plant ["modern water supply foundation 130 years commemorative project" main business 1]

     Visit fair of facility of water purification plant which we cannot usually look at and the aseismic reinforcing work spot of distributing reservoir performing now (we carry out special visit party of Nishiya water purification plant on April 1, 2017)

・Special visit society of the superannuation pipe update construction spot ["modern water supply foundation 130 years commemorative project" main business 2]

     We observe the spot of exchange construction of old water pipe after having had you learn devices of water supply works


 [we go and sense bodily] We have you visit water source and water supply facility and enjoy

・Stamp rally walking event ["modern water supply foundation 130 years commemorative project" main business 4] around water supply facility

     Stamp rally around water supply facilities such as walking event or water purification plant such as dividing water supply way into four times from Sagamihara-shi to Naka Ward, and walking


[we convey the history in history] We tell about the history for 130 years of Yokohama Channel

・Editing ["modern water supply foundation 130 years commemorative project" allied enterprise 7] of the Yokohama Channel 130 years history

     We start editing of history of memory that listed the history after production of the history in detail for 100 years


Step of reference Yokohama Channel


Yokohama Channel


1887 (Meiji 20)

The first Japanese modern water supply foundation


1889 (Meiji 22)


Yokohama-shi birth

1897 (Meiji 30)

We draw water from the Doshi River and start


1901 (Meiji 34) ...

1915 (Taisho 4)

The first - second extension works completion

(completion of Kawai water purification plant, Nishiya water purification plant)


1916 (Taisho 5)

We purchase the forest in Doshi-mura from Yamanashi


1923 (Taisho 12)


The Great Kanto Earthquake

1937 (Showa 12) ...

1941 (Showa 16)

The third extension works (the first, the second) completion

(the Nishiya water purification plant reinforcement)


1942 (Showa 17)


We surpass a population of 1 million people

1945 (Showa 20)


The Pacific War end of the war

1947 (Showa 22)

Sagamiko completion※


1954 (Showa 29) ...

1965 (Showa 40)

The fourth - sixth extension works completion
(completion of Tsurugamine water purification plant, willow tit water purification plant)

From the 30, Showa generation flush lavatory,

Baths spread in home

1965 (Showa 40)

Lake Tsukui completion※


1968 (Showa 43)


 We surpass a population of 2 million people

1971 (Showa 46) ...

1980 (Showa 55)

The seventh - eighth extension works completion
(the reinforcement of willow tit water purification plant, Nishiya water purification plant)


1978 (Showa 53)

Lake Tanzawa completion※


1985 (Showa 60)


 We surpass a population of 3 million people

2001 (Heisei 13)

Lake Miyagase completion※


2014 (Heisei 26)

Kawai water purification plant (ceraRocca) redevelopment


※Four water sources of seal share in water supply business entity of five prefecture.

Water Works Bureau fountain mark City of Yokohama, Water Works Bureau General Affairs Division - March 23, 2017 making - March 27, 2017 update
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