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Please be careful about suspicious emails about water supply

 Because "water rate is unpaid, it becomes water supply stop." With the nadono contents, information from customer that suspicious email that we are going to guide to linked reference arrived is put to Water Works Bureau in succession on four after this month 20.


Contents of 1 doubt email

Title ※News about water supply stop※
(the text) Do you finish the receipt of money? As of today, we do not yet get confirmation of payment.
As it is past the designated last deadline of the delivery, the next situation becomes water supply stop when not received money.
Water supply stop due date 2016
Unpaid amount of money 4,789 yen Japanese yen
[list of nearest offices] ⇒Confirmation from this (linked URL)
※Excuse me, but I would like notification from this when you have the wrong.
⇒Notification this (linked URL)


Wanting you to warn 2

 In Water Works Bureau, request of water rate does not go by email. There is possibility of dating sites in link put on email. URL linked to never clicks, and please delete email.
 When you are suspicious, please refer to following Water Works Bureau customer Service Center.

 Water Works Bureau customer Service Center: 045-847 (hachiyonnana) -6262


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