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Change in the name of owner


Change in the name of owner

When you change owner of water supply (water supply equipment), please submit required items to each water supply office window of following responsible administrative section after entry in "water supply equipment owner notification of change".
[we did not hear acceptance by ※ mail, FAX.]

We can download "water supply equipment owner notification of change" necessary for this procedure (PDF241KB).

As "water supply equipment owner change" is different from procedure of "beginning to use of water supply" in "change of user of water supply", please confirm contents for change.
It becomes procedure to perform when we change of the name of owner of water supply equipment to "water supply equipment owner change" with name changes such as houses.
"Change of user of water supply" by moving, please inform Water Works Bureau visitor Service Center of procedure, inquiries such as "beginning to use of water supply".

Charge administrative section of each water supply office

Establishment nameCharge administrative section
Kikuna Channel office guide map Kohoku Ward, Tsuzuki Ward  
Tsurumi Channel office guide map Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward
Mitsukyo Channel office guide map Asahi Ward, Izumi Ward, Seya Ward
Aoba Channel office guide map Midori Ward, Aoba Ward
Nakamura Channel office guide map Nishi Ward, Naka Ward, Minami Ward, Hodogaya Ward
Yokodai Channel office guide map Konan Ward, Isogo Ward, Kanazawa Ward
Totsuka Channel office guide map Totsuka Ward, Sakae Ward

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