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Various reports, applications
In use of water supply
Procedure accompanied with beginning to use, cancellation of water supply
Payment such as account, credit
Procedures such as reduction of taxes, reduction
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Application for examination of water
"Oh, true children The Water" of "canned Yokohama water" delivery


In use of water supply

Water supply of Yokohama-shi is available based on "Yokohama-shi Channel regulations" (we open with window.).
After the consent, please use beforehand.

Report of beginning to use, cancellation of 1 water supply
When you cancel beginning to use or use, you contact Water Works Bureau customer Service Center up to three days before, or apply for water supply from the Internet newly.
Inspection of a meter of use of 2 quantity of water
We perform inspection of a meter of use quantity of water once in two months. (except beginning to use, cancellation)
3 water rates
We calculate by use quantity of water.
Please refer to "structure of water rate" for rate.
Payment of 4 water rates
We get rid of fund transfer, credit card and can choose delivery letter of advice payment.
In the case of fund transfer, credit card payment (except continuation) from delivery letter of advice divided by reshuffling it is just, and take time a little.
Stop of 5 water supply
(1) Nonpayment of rate payment
Please pay rate before the due date. When you cannot pay in spite of notification of re-three, as a general rule, we stop water supply.
(2) Accident, disaster
We stop water supply out of necessity and, due to accident or disaster, may set a limit.
Exchange of 6 water meters
We change water meter with burden of Water Works Bureau before validity being set with eight years by regulations of measurement, and reaching the expiration for official approval validity.
Possession of 7 water supply equipment
As service pipes from divergence of water pipe in road to each domestic faucet become possession (property) of customer, please perform appropriate management.
In addition, customer asks from water meter to faucet in private water supply works shop (list of meter down stream side leak of water repair companies), and, about repair accompanied with trouble of water supply equipment, please repair.
Please refer to Water Works Bureau customer Service Center for repair on the road side from water meter.

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